Be faithful to the sky…!

Be faithful to the sky– One of the great things about becoming a stargazer. Just read an interesting article in a website which gives some 10 tips for super stargazers.Check the link for the tips

Tips for Stargazing

For the past two months, the waxing crescent moon along with the blazing planet Venus added more beauty to the whole spreaded nights. That’s because Venus is sweeping up behind Earth in orbit right now. It’s coming closer to Earth, so was visible for the past few months and will be visible for next few months.

The Young Moon & Dazling Venus

The Young Moon & Dazling Venus

Watching young moon and the Venus planet was/is a awful experience to watch. Babies are sweet not only in living beings but with moon also. Young(baby) moon is more attractive when compared to full moon. And for the interesting part, the biggest full moon of 2008 was that occurred in December .Really those nights are in memories, I have asked many of my friends to watch it. And hope everyone enjoyed it. Every day we can see the bright star (Venus)near the moon and its like they were the perfect pairs and made for each other. I never failed to watch it daily. Sure today evening also you can watch it.

I just dream for a day, to buy a telescope and start gazing at the sky and to speak with the moon and stars. “Afterall stargazing is for everybody. It’s for people with a sense of wonder … people who like seeing themselves as part of a bigger picture“.

The pairing of the crescent moon and Venus will be quite beautiful…..Happy stargazing.

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