To the so called experienced CM.

The colleges all over the TamilNadu remains closed and the opening date was not announced yet. What is happening here ? Why this decision of closing the educational institutions ? Won’t it affect the academic process ? Is this a solution for the so called issues ?

Who is gonna answer these questions ? What the hell is happening over here. This is really a pathetic situation in Tamilnadu and the worst display of the TN governments administration ability. Does it looks like a experienced party ruling the state with the well expertise and experienced chief as a head and CM ? Sure it doesn’t look like. Simply displays the inability of the CM to handle critical situations and the great escapism from these situations.

My humble request to CM is please step down from the honorable posting and please leave space to some able person or atleast leave the space to the so called 55 years old young leader M.K.S., Sure they can do better. I do respect your Age and experience and your commitment/contribution to Tamil language and TamilNadu.Please take rest for rest of your life and now its time to work offline. You have bunch of other works like Kalingar TV, Sun TV-Kalingar TV clash drama screenplay,words play with opposing parties,heading poetry competitions,solving family inter politics issues etc., So please concentrate more on these works and leave the way to others.

Now the Family rules CM

Now the Family rules CM

The historical power crisis , the uncontrollable price hikes on the daily usable, wasting of money in free color TV scheme,instability in the most important political statements, hide and seek game in Tamil Elam issue, diplomatic way of increasing bus fares, non qualified ministers for Electricity and IT,play game on Ramar-Sethu bridge, dominance of M.K.A (Big B)  in madurai, etc., etc., for all these things I can say…simply politics is becoming B…S..t.

Wish the CALLBACK facility to be included and enabled in India. Still more then two years to go along with these core stupid politicians.

ps:- I do not belong to any political party . Just thrown my views on some of the issues I could not tolerate .

One thought on “To the so called experienced CM.

  1. Yup… Agreed…. why are the masses sleeping… ask the massess…

    The masses in our state have somehow learnt to sleep on their own shit….

    With no water coming… who is gonna clean all this shit….

    Somehow our people have learnt to clean this with their tears….

    Beware that even tears will dry out and a day of reckoning will come when one has to clean it with blood…

    For God’s sake I want them to atleast clean it then with the blood of all these monsters…..

    Veeramum Kaadhalum maravadha en ina makalin kayai kattipotta sattam thevaiya indha thirunaatil…

    Dharmathin Vaazhvu thannai soodhu kavvum dharmam marubadiyum vellum…

    Vella vendama… velvadharku veeram vendama….

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