print your memories…!

Photos are reflections of our memories. In all our generations photos played a vital role it recalling the memories and happiness. and now in the digitized world now photos are made easier with the high technology digi-cameras. But the thing is printing of photos become lesser due to the increase in computer and memory cards. Anyways hard copy of the photos will create some big impact then a soft copy…



Recently came across a website called “Zoomin” and they print and send the photos to the given address (within India).They offer 20 prints for free of cost and the rest of the photos are 4 rs each and the courier charges (25rs flat) included. So for the first time order you will get 20 (15+5) photos for free with a transportation charges of 25 rs. The payment can be done online.

I tried this one with my first order of 20 photos and i got it printed with a perfect packing and with paper album stand.I got the photos printed in one day. They were fast, reliable and perfect.

Just click the image “Zoom in” placed in the right side of this blog and you will get the registration page. They have lots of rewards programs also. You will get 5 free prints on every purchase etc., Happy printing your memories.

I prefer this one will be the best option to give surprises to your friends by gifting your friends (by giving their address in the shipment details). In no cost you can make your friends happy.

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