March full of memories…!

March 09 of 2009 will get a permanent space in my memories book. Really a awful month with lots of good happenings and few so called worst happenings. Good happenings are , my wonderful sisters wedding falls on 15th march and my best friend usha’s marriage falls on 12th march. The interesting thing is both are getting married to their best friends and its love marriage.So its a happy marriage.

I’m more happy in this because my sister planned to settle in chennai and she will be in chennai after marriage. So again sathish will be in wonderland. I will get some extra energy when she is with me. I’m worrying a bit that a good friend of mine is leaving chennai after marriage ..but it is all in the game and it happens.

Another good thing was I got to see my Little wonder (Reshma) in march (three years back).So Every year I thank march month and usha for getting me the best gift in this universe. With all the good and bad happenings , march month was always a interesting month to me.

To my sister and usha…Happy Journey towards a new life. Bon voyage.

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