Dance of Democracy – BJP

Here is the manifesto highlights of BJP for 2009 Lok sabha Elections ,

-No personal income tax for those earning up to Rs.300,000 per annum. For women and senior citizens, the exemption will be Rs.350,000 per year.

– Committed to the construction of a Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

– To evolve a new route for Sethu Samudram bypassing Ram Setu.

– Firm steps to identify and retrieve Indian money stashed away in foreign banks.

– Ban on foreign direct investment (FDI) in retail sector to help domestic retail trade.

– To introduce POTA-type anti-terror law.

– To detect, detain and deport illegal immigrants.

– A comprehensive National Identity Card for all.

– All members of the armed forces and the para-military to be exempted from paying income tax.

– To set up a separate pay commission for the armed forces and also revisit the existing pay structure.

– To bring 33 percent reservation for women in legislatures.

– Student loans to be made cheaper and accessible by fixing interest at 4 percent.

– Promise to create 1.2 million IT-enabled jobs in rural areas.

– To launch an aggressive project to groom sporting talent by allocating Rs.5,000 crore (USD 1 billion) for creation of sports infrastructure.

– A mandatory ‘Dial 108’ for ambulance at your doorstep across country.

– Revive the creation of new All India Institutes of Medical Sciences in the country.

– Education and job quota will be introduced for economically backward sections of society.

– Tax exemption to senior citizens in respect of pension income.

– Priority to fight against climate change and global warming.

– Take appropriate steps to save tiger and safeguard critical habitants of all wildlife.

– Cleaning of Ganges and other major rivers a priority.

A manifesto with some good and lucrative promises and few dangerous promises. Few of the manifestos like national identity card ,dial 108 service ambulance for all villages, fight against global warming, saving wild life(tiger), village development,POTA act etc.,  are really encouraging.  Though National Congress and BJP share most of the promises  but in few promises BJP is unique in their own way. Except the Ram temple in Ayodhya…rest are ok with this manifesto.

Getting deeper into the promises will arise more questions for now like , is that possible / feasible etc., Lets wait and see …!

Source :- BJP official site,  For detaliled manifesto please click this link – Detailed manifesto 2009-BJP

ps:- I do not belog to any political party and its just my views and perceptions.

2 thoughts on “Dance of Democracy – BJP

  1. What POTA can do when there party themselves supports a man like Varun Gandhi even after his ridiculous remarks?
    What a comprehensive NationaIdentity Card for all do, when still thousands of Indians don’t even have there voter Id cards?
    What for the Firm steps to identify and retrieve Indian money stashed away in foreign banks, when not even single minister shows his actual assests?
    Jai Hind!

  2. National ID card like SSN card in other countries will help to record all the details of an individual in a card and can able to easily track the records of the same. When it is embedded with a smart card ..then it can be used as a Voter ID also and also with a thumb recognition. But all these things will happen when it is done with some advanced technology …..!

    Our fate is like that no politicians assets are accountable …may be this will help in bringing back the opposition parties assets….! 😉 …its almost like some things is better for nothing.

    And on POTA issue …..i agree with u …..there are thousands of varun gandhi’s are in BJP ……but POTA is a strong weapon of BJP ….lets hope for the best ….!

    The better option is …we should not vote for the party ….we should vote for the individual contestants . But i feel again india will be in unsafe hands ,,,,with any of these parties….!
    BEst wishes …Jai Hind.

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