Dance of Democracy – National Congress

Dance of Democracy ..hope u can read this heading in TOI news paper. I feel this would be a appropriate title for my posts related to the 2009 Lok sabha elections. As beginning I will just deal with the lucrative manifesto’s of  Indian National Congress and BJP, the two leading players of the show.

Manifesto highlights of National Congress for 15th lok sabha 2009 elections ,

* Maximum possible security to each and every citizen.(zero tolerance on terrorism and national ID card for all).

*The highest level of defense preparedness and further steps for the welfare of the defence forces and their families.

*Accelerated process of police reforms.

*Increase in the daily wage paid under the NREGA from Rs 80 to Rs 100.

*Health security for all (mainly to women and rural India).

*Comprehensive social security to those at special risk.

*Quality education affordable to everyone.

*Nation-wide skill development programme.

*Expansion of schemes for improving the well-being of farmers.

*Democratic and professional functioning of cooperatives.

*Greater impetus to empowerment of weaker sections of society.

*Control of communalism and caste atrocities.

*Sharp focus on the special needs of children, especially the girl child.

*Making elected panchayat institutions financially strong.

*Broadband network in all villages in three years time.

*Special focus to small entrepreneurs and to small and medium enterprises.

*Maintenance of high growth with fiscal prudence and low inflation.

*Introduction of goods and services tax from April 1, 2010.

*New look to urban governance.

*New deal for youth.

*Protection of the environment.

*Massive renewal of science and technology infrastructure.

*Judicial reforms to cut delays in courts.

*Sensitivity to regional aspirations.

*Energy security.

*Steps to preserve and promote our heritage.

*Independent, pro-India foreign policy.

Nice to see some promises on few important issues like health insurance, education, urban governance, environment, national security and Id cards etc., Will be excellent if all these promises were reached. Lets wait and see….!

Source – congress website. For more details on manifesto please click this link Detailed manifesto.

ps:- I do not belog to any political party and its all my views and perceptions.

2 thoughts on “Dance of Democracy – National Congress

  1. What of Increase in the daily wage paid under the NREGA from Rs 80 to Rs 100, when every year inflation touches it’s new heights?
    What Energy security?, in present scenario when every1 is unsecure then how can we dare to thing of such concept..amazing..?
    Introduction of goods and services tax from April 1, 2010…hmm thats the ultimate thing which they really can do…empty up the public pockets.
    Jai Hind!

  2. there is nothing more to Empty the public pockets …its already done in these five years….they can fill the pockets by lending from world bank and again we are borrowers ….and one day World bank will come and arrest us for not paying the money back….! 😉

    The pity thing is …finance ministers blame other countries and external issues for the slowdown in economy….it’s like a common man complaining about others … then why these peoples are in such a position to control the economy of India. They should have been stepped down if they are incapable. ….nothing happened ….they stand before people for next election….!

    It’s in peoples hands …to save India …! Lets vote to the right candidate…! Analyse about the candidate about his previous history and records ….a 30 mins google search will give u more information about the candidate.

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