The best place to feel secured

Today morning I noticed a different logo in Google page and clicked to know more, and its Mary Cassatt ‘s – A American painter & print maker birthday today.

This is the first time I’m hearing about her, but I was most impressed by her paintings. Her paintings are awesome and almost all the paintings deals with the private and social lives of women and particularly on the inmate bonds between mothers and children.

According to me , the only best/real place to feel secured and comfort is Mother’s shoulders. And here it is …!

The best place to feel secured...!

is there any other place in this world to feel secured...!

The true place to hold

true place to relax

For more photos of Mary Cassatt check the below link,

Mary Cassatt’s web art gallery

Mary Cassatt – Wiki

The pictures were best displayed with the unique bond with a mother and child and in few pictures the hidden sadness (the missing tone) has been well shown. Every women has a story and thus these pictures shows.

Thanks for the Google for giving me the info on Mary Cassatt. Life is really wonderful with the mother and child relationship.

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