Good to see a social evolution….!

Another milestone in India and yet another step towards globalization. Its about the 149 year old law enacted by British, the section 377 of IPC. Delhi HC says that IPC sec 377 can be rechecked and altered. And it legalizes some part of the sections.

IPC 377 deals with the sexual minority peoples and its time for them to celebrate with the high court announced some of the sections in that was legal. Hope this may reduce the scope of their harassment and it may also reduce the social stigma.

its time to smile..let us respect the feelings

its time to smile..let us respect the feelings

And finally nice to see more positive responses today all over India. Through media  most of the celebrities and social icons expressed their happiness about this.This is a good sign of respecting every ones feeling.

And that too ours is a country that says talking, thinking about this is a sin. But after all its  just a Physiological matter of a individual and its not a matter of mental illness.Hats off to the NGO NAZ for fighting in this issue since 2001 along with other NGO’s.Finally their hard work for paid off. And hope the proceedings will be applied to all over India and not only to Delhi.

No one has rights to restrict their feelings.Lets respect their space and leave a room for them to live their life.

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