4 days 5 nights & 1 mission….!

5 nights, 4 days, around 20 creative minds, Yet another bunch of most beautiful days in my life. Its for making a DIGITAL GOLU (a traditional celebrations for navarathiri festival) in the Image Infotainment. It was a stupendous experience to work with a great team.

I wonder that how things happened..bcos no one was compelled to take the work..and no one was ordered to do it. We took in a interest..every one did what they were capable of with a great unity and perfection. Got to learn tonnes of new things while doing this project. A great example for the quote “Team work never fails”. We were given very short span of time and immediately with our captain (our visual design master – balaji) we started planning and started executing it.

The materials used were, plastic bottles (pepsi , maaza, aqufina, kinely etc.,) , jute bags, news papers, wires, strings, compass, nails, nuts, bolts, pop, white paint, aluminium paint, old electronic wastes, batteries, plastic transparent sheets.

In the beginning we were missing the track ..but we never lost the confidence and we believed that we can make the best of all.That was the only thought made us to achieve the things. The main thing was, except few in the team ..others don’k know about what will be the output (At times we too were out of  focus). But every one was perfect with their responsible task.The core team never felt tired…we worked continuously for 48 hours with just a two hours disturbed sleep. We maintained the momentum with fast beat songs (Saroja, nadodigal etc.,), pepsi/coke, biscuits, tea, coffee etc., Atlast nothing went wrong and the out put was more than we expected and the response was unbelievable.We names it as THE PLANET PLASTER.

Special thanks goes to the technical head(prakhasam sir), our art master (Big – B),praveen(the best one to work  with), ram(master of sounds), venkatesh(king in FLASH CS3),ravi, my pets (siva -black tiger, sadana -little doll, manju -the one on myside – cheerful ),my great buddies(kalai – idea mani, madan – maddy, baskar , aswin – timing king, shivaBalan – the director, ajitha&abitha – means cute, kumaran, siva, ashok&kamalesh – laurel& hardy,surrender)and few others.

We just left with a few drops of tears when we showcased the first show of the DIGITAL GOLU – THE PLANET PLASTER. And we the Team success has won the BEST CONCEPT award and got lots of credits from the directors and the judges. It was really a great initiative by IMAGE multimedia to bring out the talents. I personally wanted to thank the “Team Success” of Image Anna nagar for all these efforts and happy to be a member in the team.

Check the gallery of  PLANET PLASTER.

9 thoughts on “4 days 5 nights & 1 mission….!

  1. Oye, nice feel, bt seriously nxt time u let me do the proof reading bfr u put it up on the web. Wat say huh.

    But seriously, nicely put. u have coered the entire event and ur true feelings into this content. Keep up the good work ;). My net has not been working for the past few days, have lodged complaints with bsnl. i am writing this frm a browsing center. i am yet to start writing on my next subject, career and homemaking 🙂

  2. tats gr8..manju….I too watching for a proof reader for me …i had one frnd of mine previously (the one commented earlier to yours)….! an now she is busy…!

    And very eagerly waiting for your next post…and the topic is interesting and u r the rit one to write on it….! I too have some interesting topics for u …will let u know soon….!

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