My Best and Worst of 2009 (2 of 30)

For me LIFE = Bundle of Surprises. Yes I love to surprise others more than getting it. It was Jan 25th , my most lovable sister’s marriage engagement day. Initially I informed my sister that I will not be attending the function. Just one day before me and two of my friends planned to attend the function as a surprise visit. No travelling tickets were reserved, my friend traveled from Pune through air and we two from Chennai. Gathered on 24th afternoon and started towards sisters place.

Life = Bundle of SurprisesReached the place on 24th night and gave a big surprise to everyone. Almost all of them were shocked and no one expected us. Sister was very happy. Function went on very well, We had lots of fun with all the relatives around us. I took the photos during the function and prepared an album and send it to her. Again it was a surprise to her.

Felt very happy to surprise my lovable sweet sister and made her happy on that beautiful day.According to me, surprise are not counted by sizes but counted by the moments. I never forget that day and I thank my friend(Gowri) who made all these things happened.

Life is so much beautiful with my sister beside me.

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