My best and worst of 2009 (8 of 30)

A day to know about stone language. It was a one day educational tour to Mahabalipuram, Chennai. Just to know about the making of sculptures. Very much informative day and we make it as entertainment day also. It was  a two hour journey, 50 of us (students and staffs) started in bus.  For each and every song from FM we 10 of us started dancing and the whole crowd enjoyed watching us.

as though no one is watching you...!

While going and coming back, we never stopped. I accept that I’m not at all a dancer, but still I danced continuously. Its always a great fun to dance with the crowd. I had a great time and enjoyed every moment. After a long time I enjoyed the most. The day was amazing and more useful both in entertainment and information. We got to know about lots of techniques of statue making using stones and clay. One of the most happiest day in this year.

Just Dance….as tough no one is watching you.

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