Happy to be here….!

I’m back here almost after 2 months. Two long and interesting months. Lot of things happened all over these days…! Down with dengu viral fever, brother’s marriage, hand full of projects, granny passed away,completely occupied days in one or other way…really these two months were interesting. I hate myself for not completing the rest of the posts..I left at 8 of 30th happenings.

Anyways its a good start this year…with new challenges on personal and career side. Long back i received a sms fro my sister…”Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry in the night time” and I’m in this state. No matter whatever it is  I was too busy all these days..but still I love what I did. There was no place for stupid introspections..no place for emotional quotient….happily I can say I was busy(occupied).

I’m not sure I’m headed towards the right direction…but still I’m moving with it. Lets see..wats on my way. Recently felt that I’m moving out of my routines …so I decided to start scribbling again. Though I’m not very good at writing….I have few followers and they frequently ask “why no posts?”. And here I’m with my writings again…! It’s not for others, its for me …I write. 🙂

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