Happy Women’s Day…!

It’s March 8, Women’s Day. Happy women’s day for all the women in this universe. No matter what it is ..I always believe that WOMEN = World fOMEN &  SHE = Source of Human Existence.

I always felt that the women’s around me (females I have known) were not living their life as they wish. One way or another way they are restricted. Sometimes it was self restriction, sometimes in the name of culture, sometime in the name of emotions, most times in the name of love, some times in the name of responsibility, some times in the name of motherliness, sometimes in the name of physic. Knowingly or unknowingly the male domination was gone deeply into every minds. Sure it will take decades to change this situation.

I’m happy tat , in the recent times I have met very few women who live their life (better than other females I have met) fully. Very happy to see her and be a friend of her. I call her as “Mannie”…my new friend known for past 10 months. I can say she is a happy WOMEN . Special wishes to dear Mannie.  Learnt a lot from her…! Wish I could see more females in my life as a happy WOMEN.

4 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day…!

  1. Hey Sathy, thanks a lot guy. I am really honored that you hold me in such high esteem. Me too happy that i am able to make an impact in lot of my friends life. Hope people realize how valuable life is and they should enjoy and live a good life rather than forgetting to live a happy life.
    I am glad that i have real good friends who are there to care for me and be with me in times of happiness and sadness 🙂

  2. You have mellowed down bro, anyways can’t say I always stand exactly opposite to you :), read my blog post, it’s about how women have conspired against men for world domination… 🙂 but anyways you are too moony to get my guns… 😛

  3. Nice one.. But restriction does not mean that a women is not happy..
    happiness lies in what makes the individual happy … 🙂

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