Blame Game Again….!

Whom to Blame – this Game never ends. I have prepared a brief report on the Tamilnadu HSC (12th) stateboard results 2010. With little bit improvement in the overall performance when compared to last year (2009). Good to see the overall performance of corporation school students when compared to last year. For 25th consecutive year virudunagar dt., has topped the list in pass percentage with 96%.

report on 12th std exam results 2010

Good things are known to every one through visual and print media. Coming to the other side, the overall performance of government schools are not much improved. A little bit increase in pass percentage doesn’t mean a lot. Few schools recorded around only 40% as pass percentage and no school has recorded 100% . No considerable state rank from the regualr subjects, most of the top ranks are from vocational subjects like photography , Food preservation, home science, medical lab tech, lithography printing etc., This story continues every year.

In the meantime, TN super power government announced caste based offers on the cutt of marks. This makes the Engineering to be easily accessible to everyone. Already corporate companies are complaining about , more number of non qualified fresh engineers coming out every year. With lacking in analytical and communicational skills, the unemployment will be increased. Engineering is not the only degree to pursue..there are lots of other areas to excel.

Govt., has to work on root(inner level) to improve the standards on schools and to make the student competitive. Reducing the cut off marks and giving offers on that , will never help them in long term. With lots of non standard schools & Engg. colleges, we should not expect the students to be qualified. Help the students to score more marks and not by reducing the cut off marks. Education department requires a serious attention to make India a self sustained country. More money , more knowledge to be invested on the Education department.

I Dream for the day, “Top marks from govt., schools” , “DAV schools comes last in the list” , “English not a barrier for rural students”, “Money not a barrier for higher studies”, “Caste no bar for admissions”, “educational based things in the manifesto of political parties” etc.,

Dreams will come true….!

Lashings of thanks to all the NGO’s, who worked behind the scenes of most government schools for betterment of the students.Next year the results will be and should be much better will all the NGO’s and teachers support.

ps:- All the above said are just my views, the details in the report are purely prepared from the news papers, accuracy of the data are based on that. I’m not against any particular government or schools. Just an social anger..” why not govt., schools”.

9 thoughts on “Blame Game Again….!

  1. Satish , What a Great work you had did .. Actually this report should be done by our education department, I know how hard it is to collect all these data and to organize that’s a report. It shows your commitment .. great man ,

  2. Hey Sathish..very rightly said..Govt should invest on root level improvement of education, rather than short cuts to benefits.

    This will hamper the growth opportunities for this country as more and more unqualified youth will get in to the job market.

    I love a dialogue from 3 IDIOTS movie, where in our education system we don’t talk about any invention..we only talk about marks and jobs..

    Add this point to your view on our educational system.

  3. hi sathish well said .It is really pathetic to see the students frm govt school without basics .The important part in a students life is his school and his teachers .The teachers play a vital role the govt has to train the teachers also in schools moral values and ethics must be thought which will make the student a good human being rather than a money making machine . We will join together and start a school where we will bring out leaders who will change this world.

  4. Very good articles satish Yesterday i dont have much time to comment,

    It’s true that educational institutions had forget their duties . Nowadays schools are preparing their kids to get select in engineering college and medical colleges and the engineering colleges are developing a programmers , is that their job.
    Last time when I was in India I had a chance to meet my department staff . He told me that some XYZ number of students had been selected in campus interview , and he explained me that they are preparing the students for apps , GD and mostly for the interview from second year onwards .
    I said that’s not your job , Industry need Quality engineers , just give the quality they will mold what they need . I would say this is not the fault of Educational institution, moreover this is what our parents do need , Due to this poor policies from the educational institution and wrong view about the industrial demand from our parents lead to a big problem . Nobody need mass production of engineers , everybody demands quality engineers .

    In future there is going to be a huge demand for core engineers . Once here in Middle east india is the only source of technicians and engineers , now I can see lot of peoples from Philippines , now many IT companies are coming up on Philippines , labor cost is much cheaper that India . So if our parents , educational institutions and government does not change the policies , it’s going to be difficult .

    Satish forward this articles to parents first they should come out. Even educated young generations have the same perspective

  5. @prabakar…well said! minds of parents also clustered because of the poor policies….! I know china also emerging very fast in communication and engineering…! We will be loosing our opportunities..if we fail to produce Quality engineers rather than quantity engineers.

    Now itself many engineers working in credit card sections of many banks, product marketing in many companies, sales person’s with very low salaries.

    Great revolution is in need praba…! have to do something for this from our end…planned to make arrangement for a awareness and career counseling session in few government schools this year around october with the help of some department experts and icons….!

    Hope Blossom & YHM will join hands for this cause….Will update u soon…!

  6. @gupta…atleast 3 Idiots movie should be remade in Tamil with the same script and screenplay..and to be screened to all the ploiticains in the newly made GRAND..the So called Assembly chennai.

    ps:- Afraid that Vijay is gonna work on that with the changes in the script….!

  7. @nagappan….well said…soon will be start a school to break all these barriers and will be a reason for change and make others to do it…! we will set an example….!

    lots of plans …we will make it one day …but very soon…!

  8. This is really good article sathish. These days each and every student who get pass in XII standard will get seat in the engineering college as that much colleges have come. And also education is becoming business now a days. The main intention of the colleges is to fill the seats. But nobody is giving quality education. And all the parents are having the intention that if their children study engineering they will get settled. So the poor students are struggling much to clear the subject in the engineering and after that they are also struggling to get the job without the communication skill and the analytical skill. Some are not able to get the job in the IT company and get frustrated. This has to be changed and the skills are to be shaped according to the capability of the student. The awareness should come and it is our responsibility to create the awareness.

  9. @arun…well said boss…!
    “This has to be changed and the skills are to be shaped according to the capability of the student.” …..I agree with you…its our responsibility….!

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