Thousand’s of butterflies inside me…!

Lots of small kids (angels) were in queue , casual walk, looking all the sides, pulling the front one, loads of smiles, cute & new uniforms, small school bag with no filling, small snacks bag….yep all these inside the school’s Kindergarten block.

Yes my little wonder RESHMA joined school and on her first day, I had been there to school. The session was over, most of the kids were crying after seeing their mom or dad, some kids playing here and there. There are 5 sections, so I was searching for my darling through the windows. Atlast I found her inside one class room, she was casually playing with three of her friends. After seeing me she started running towards me…! Wat a feel man….her uniform dress, her small school bag, shoes , small snacks pack. Its a pride moment to see her in the first level of life…SCHOOL. I felt tat moment as every father is lucky to have this feel. The moment was like lots of butterflies flying inside me…! Its different…and its awesome. I’m lucky to have her on my side…!

She is in one of the best CBSE school in Ambattur, Chennai. Wish she should gather proper education with all the love and knowledge equally shared inside her.  Life is beautiful with my little angel on my side.

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