Nothing has changed …!

The present became past, moments became memories, mistakes became lessons, happenings became experience but when it comes to love and affection nothing has changed in me for all these years. Got to see a very good friend of mine after three years.Though we are not in good touch all these years…but still I feel the same love and affection. Still I can recall the golden old days when we are together.Though we are not chatting about the old days…still I can get back to it and can feel happy about it. We got to be very close during our college days. Times were there , I proudly flaunted as my best friend in this world. But times gone by…after college…we moved away(not so far) due to professional life….things had been changed slowly. Thick became thin, close become wide and the close friend became a just another friend.

I’m not sure about what my friend felt. I wanted to say I missed you and miss you still so much…but I couldn’t. All the silence and the distance created by the friend for all these years made me to stop expressing. And little bit afraid to express…! But only thing made me happy was I’m still the same.I wonder still I have the same place and importance to the friend in my heart.  This is the most important thing I wonder at myself.

Others took it easily and they adapted to the so called practical life ( this is wat they say). I found it hard to accept  certain things in the earlier stages…and as the time and experience and lessons gave me the power to accept things. Anyways  complains apart….I felt very happy to see a good friend of mine today after years.

Friends & memories....!

No matter who made the things worse…and who is the reason…only thing matters is the memories….THE GOOD MEMORIES. I have it always…thanks for that. Life is so much beautiful with memories of the unconditional love we shared with friends….! Miss you my friend…!

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