What’s Next…!???

Days pass on, we get mature every day @ Crazy Pencilz Studio. Learning atleast one new thing everyday…its all about experiences..its all about mistakes. Life is so much interesting day by day..with all these experiences at Crazy Pencilz…with all these challenges…with all these deadlines…with all these hunger of doing something new and creative. Its not all about impressing others …its all about impressing ourselves. We found it more difficult to impress ourselves…! Hope tats the reason keeps us moving forward.

For the initial six months was thinking and working on getting into a initial level..its like rehearsal of becoming a studio. For the past few months its all about moving to a next level. Finding it hard to decide what is the next level. I’m sure that we are a click (Step) away from the the next level. But not sure about where to click. Really a toughest job..but not complicated one. Surely will make it and will make a right click soon. Very soon.

So..What's next...!?For all these days its not about success and failures. Nothing to loose….we have no space to go back….we have nothing to look back…we have no one to compete…we have no one to compare…and its not about loosing and winning. All zzzz about ” WHAT’s NEXT ?”. This is the one things keeps us going.

Life is so much Beautiful.Living the life to the fullest..with CPZ & BLOSSOM.

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