Little bit confused…!

What’s next level…? Really tired of hearing and answering to this question. Its all about CrazyPencilz and its development. We are gonna complete one year in few weeks of time. For the past one month I am flooded b this question ” What’s next level ? ” . Most of the questions are from the pure hearts with pure thoughts. (never mind about others). I know the complete intention of this question is to know about theprogress we make and to help us in one or other way. And I’m not here to blame any one or thier question…!

Close to the clear state..but still..!

But frankly speaking I do not have answer for this question. Just still working on it. For the past few months all my thoughts were on this and working for the same. Literally get confused and stuck inbetween with internal & external process. Solving it getting it solved one by one. Always I make sure that I’m on right track and getting closer to next level. Wish and hope if all things works out well the forth coming year will be a Blast to Crazy Pencilz Studio. This new year 2011 will be new and fresh to Crazy Pencilz.

With new resources, new projects, new challenges,more issues, more lessons, more money, more smiles and more achievements life is gonna be pretty interesting. With all our love and passion, will make it big.

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