9 thoughts on “Day with mixed feelings…!

  1. Hi Crazy Guys,(Sathish,Manju,Siva,mathan,kamal,Ashok),

    Not able to decide whether i am able capable of appreciate you guys, but still want to congratulate the entire Crazy team for successfully entering in to second year, am a silent guy who is always interested on CrazyPencilz Growth,i admire the hard work is done by each one of you(got weekly updates from Siva), i always feel that you people got very good commander(Sathish who knows me little bit) to move forward to the next level.
    hope in future i will also in part of the Crazypencilz team ,Siva you have to recommend me for a job in your company 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    • Hello rams…Thanks a Ton for your hearty wishes. Really it a day to cheer ourselves (including you).
      ” Every successful Chef has a secret ingredient for his successful and tasty food. Always the secret ingredients will act as a main thing for the taste and his success”..!

      Like that …CrazyPencilz has few(lot) secret ingredients behind its success…always these secrets ingredients made us reach this level. And we reveal tat you are also one of the secret ingredients we have..! Thanks for being behind the scenes all ways..!

      Looking forward for your continious encouragement and we do have opening for you in CPZ…! (Salary illla ma velai seiyanum na..yaaru vennam nu sollu vaa …:))..!

  2. Sathish, Congrats to you and the entire Crazy Pencilz team!! Here’s wishing that all your hardwork and diligent efforts bring you happiness and make every day like 24th Dec 2010!!

    Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it. crazypencilz.com is the perfect autograph for your team!! Kudos!!

    • @lakshmi…its been a great pleasure to have you supporting CPZ behind the scenes always…! One of the very few good friend …still in same frequency with me from college days and keep encouraging me in all times..!
      thanks for being a part in CPZ …behind the scenes….! 🙂

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