2011 calender rocks…!

January full of  lot of challenges on work…February full of issues on team handling….March marched with lot of positives…April continued with the positives n lil negatives…..May full of lot of Misunderstandings….! This year 2011’s graph really rocks in my calender.

Every day has a whole bunch of new experiences….mostly made me think like…from where all these stuffs come from…who plans a day to be like this to me…! I think this is the only reason…man/women discovered GOD and used his/her  name for comfortability for all the good and mostly the bad things happening around him/her. If tat is the case and if I get a chance to meet him/her…I will trash him for nothing and no reason. ;)…jokes apart….but life is so much beautiful (really ??)  with all these stuffs every day….and life surely will not be beautiful..if this stuff continues often…!

Okies…let me fix all these things and make the graph in a growing manner…and make it happen every month….all the best for myself…to march forward…!

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