Its time to celebrate :) :) :)…!

As expected its a Baby Girl for my Brother. Today evening (Oct 11th 2011) our family has been blessed with a Baby Girl. Really everyone is very happy and excited. As everyone expected its a baby girl. Oct 11 gonna be the biggest ever day in our family….first baby…that too a girl baby. 🙂

Starting to native in another two hours and very excited to see the lil n most luckiest princes in this universe. Really its like a celebration….! Our mom n dad will be more happy…! Best wishes to my brother and he is most luckiest to have the first baby and that too a girl baby. I always believe that nice ppl get nice things. Thanks for all the good n loving hearts for wishing good health for mom n child. Both mom n baby are in good health.

We all are BLESSED.

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