Crime is Punishment (Kutrame Thandanai)

Perfect Casting, simple yet strong one line, perfectly aligned screenplay, best BGM…Yet another master piece in Tamil Cinema – Kutrame Thandanai. After Kakka Muttai, this movie also came very well from Manikandan. Such a great talented director in the recent times. He is slowly setting his own style of film making as like “Maniratnam”, “Bakyaraj” etc.,  His way of not explaining the scenarios as spoon feeding, his way of completing the movie with the way he wants and no compromise in the name of “Commercial trend” etc., have taken him to the next level.

And actor Vignes is in the lead role, and he justified his role with his casual and matured acting. Screenplay, Casting, Background music, need of the hour one line (message), strong direction skills, apt cinematography….these facts made this movie a good one. Apart from the commercial success, these kind of movies are pride for Tamil Cinema industry.


I’m sure that this guy has hell a lot of talent and he will reach heights.  Eagerly waiting to watch his next movie Aandavan Kattalai.

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