Good to start my Day – B’day

Pre Script: This blog post is all about my views and its about me…and if the reader is looking for something useful or general or  interesting stuffs, you might get disappointed…! So you are free to skip this post…!

Its been so long since i have written in this space. And Happy that I am back here on my favorite month and on my favorite day ( Aug 20th – My B’day ). Good to start the wonderful day with lovely surprise gift from my darling wifey.

Though she is not in town, she made perfect arrangements few weeks back without my knowledge and executed it well. Thanks for all of her office friends. It was a real surprise to receive a bunch of gifts ( my favorite biscuits, chocolates, linen shirt etc.,)  a day before my day.  And I miss her soo much on this day. She is the one always wanted to be with me at all the times and will enjoy my company to the core. 🙂

Miss You Girl. And Love you forever. THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS YOU!

Happy Birthday. Wishing myself for a wonderful year ahead with all the happiness and surprises. 


Its all about BEST and REST…!

Happy Independence Day… saying this once can display his patriotism. This is what happening today. I better wanted to call this day as social awareness day or social service day or Activism Day. Because lots of blood donation camps. medical camps, orphanage visits etc., are arranged today almost all the orphanages would be crowded with the good hearted persons…!

The happy thing is atleast in this day most ones get some awareness that they should atleast look back at the society. The good thing is that this kind of activities will change atleast few minds to contribute more to the society.

And coming to the point…this time I can say that this day is IN-DEPENDENT day . Because more basic things are still restricted in one way or other due these worse politicians.

Happy IN-DEPENDENCE day...!

Happy IN-DEPENDENCE day...!

Lack of quality in education in govt schools, restriction of higher studies due to family economy, less investment in Research and development in all the fields, going backwards in agriculture, increase in deaths due to droughts, no safe country for girls after 9.00 pm, no safe (good) roads to drive, no freedom to enjoy 24 hrs electricity, no control in increase in daily usable, increasing orphanages, etc., The list will continue. All the above said getting worse year by year. This is not a good sign of celebrating the 60 plus years of independence.

There are more things to be mentioned as improvement. I always look at the other side….because we need more improvement. People took activism os a one day can speak about best in the country. People took activism as a second profession can speak about the rest in the country,simply the real face of the country.So I come in second category.

And finally this day really good because of the vijay TV programs. Starting from Sivakumar’s tamil related program , neeya naana, yethu sudanthiram etc., this day was full of entertainments. Usually i take off from activism on this day. 🙂

Chennai at its best …!

Fastest ride in bikes and cars,road sides full of color balloons,beach full of peoples,ears full of music and wishes,sky full of  decorative fireworks,city full of cops,church full of prayers and peoples , faces full of smiles and happiness with all these things 2009 started splendidly.

This year also Chennai was at its best in enjoying.Really had a wonderful time with the 2 hours(mid night) fastest zigzag bike ride. Spent time wit the babies, had been to friends house, had cakes etc., Yet another beautiful day stared with a high note and ended with the same.The most common wish from everyone is to have a peaceful new year (without any attacks n blasts).

Have great day and year ahead 🙂 .

August 20th – Just another (beautiful) day…!

Today August 20, this is the so called special day for me. This date has an importance in my life. I have lots of reasons to say why I like this day very much and on the other side I have few things to say why I still hate this date.

On the positive side , this date is the root cause of everything in me. This date is the cause of my so called happiness , worries ,achievements and failures. This date gave me the so called beautiful Life. After all these years I have learnt to take this day a another usual day in my Life.

yes …. August 20 of every year is my B’day.  🙂

Ps:- After I pulished this post , I have noticed that in the categories list I have selected the following ,

Life is beautifulA day to remember , A day to forget , Another day in my life , thoughts on my day

its a coincidence , but really Interesting …!

reaching targets …..progress !

In one of my friends blog , he was writing about the self Discipline and he made regime for self discipline. He usually sets some small goals like this and hardly he follows . I was just kidding him for not following the rules/tasks set by him. Anyways he took it somewhat serious and he thinks that I discouraging him..ok tat’s not part of this story..coming to the point…In the beginning of this year I have set some goals for this year. Now I just need to check my progress of it …click the link below for the older post…..

the beginning …!

  • to put a step ahead in my carrier0% – not initiated
  • website for Blossom40% – giving shape
  • at least one blood donation camp and a medical awareness camp for this year30% – Planned for july 4th (tentative)
  • another Quest Educational center in a rural village40% – final talks in progress
  • initiating some works on the hidden project of Blossom0% – not initiated
  • giving a shape to the DISHAA – Remedial center for learning disability (started by my sister)30% – working on next level.
  • Getting ATG 80 certificate for Blossom80% – final hearing on jun 26th (High court).
  • learning music (drums) and dance0% – not initiated
  • learning some multimedia softwares (photoshop , flash , animation softwares etc.,)10% – initiated
  • learn to enjoy my loneliness75% – started accepting and getting used with it.

Hope this sounds good. As I am in the mid of the year , the progress seems to be good. But still I haven’t initiated works on few tasks. Let me think about it and make some progress as early as possible.

The easiest way to reach the goals is “Set simple targets“. I always believe in the quote ” Big things comes under small packages“.

hit back again…!

It was a cloudy evening..with sun paints the sky with its golden color. A guy is standing in the corner of the mountain/highest place. He can able to see this whole world and all its activities. He can see all the selfish living beings(humans) in of this world.He is just holding his hands together and watching the world calmly.For his eyes the world is not sphere its just rectangle and he is standing in the corner of the rectangle.The guy is …. S Its me. yes..its a dream of yesterday night. I couldn’t believe why the hell I am getting these kinds of dreams…! I am not such a kind of scientist to say/discover some thing on the shape of earth !!! (yenna kodumai sir ithu). And its very bad that nowadays I remember few of my dreams.

Its again ( regular) …my nights are filled with dreams. The F…..g dreams. Dreams dreams and dreams …these are things completely occupying my sleep. It’s almost lots of months had been passed for me without a good sleep. I forgot my last slept night without dreams.I don’t know why the hell I am getting dreams !

Whenever I close my eyes…dreams open inside my eyes. I hate every nights and every morning I woke up. When I woke up I can feel the pain in my eyes , brain/mind. I have no good feel while awaking every morning. I have no deep sleep . Its almost 2.40, 3.15, 4.30, 5.50 am every morning I woke up due to my dreams and I feel fresh and you can’t see any symptoms in me of awakening from sleep.

I am totally disturbed bcos of my dreams. When I am going to get released from this ? I don’t wish to go for sleeping pills. I know it’s harm to health and its not a good habit. I believe I will come out of this issue. Having no interest in GOD, still I pray ..” Mr.GOD do not give any dreams in my sleep“. I have long distance to travel…for that sleeping is important in my life. I had already lost lots and lost of nights. Hey Dreams ……please leave forever from my nights. I wish to sleep for hours…!

sulky days …!

hope it has been a very long time since…I have not scribbled ! Though I was provoked with few thoughts to scribble here . i couldn’t able to make it. I can say that I was busy …but I don’t want to say that I have no time….. but something stops me…!

thoughts on Sujatha (my fav writer)


busy but sulky weekends

My sister’s marriage

these are the few posts in my mind I wish to write…hope to make it as early as possible.