Happy list in 5 minutes

Just wanted to write about the things that makes me happy. There are lot to mention but I set a time of 5 mins and I write in instantly.

Now the time is 11.35 pm and I start writing here,

1. Babies,


3. Ice creams,

4. Moon,

5. Cinderellas (3),

6. Our new home,

7. My sister (g3),

8. Reshma (my little wonder).

9. RX-100 my bike (black cheetah).

10. Rain.

11. Forest and mountains.

12. fun-fighting with the so called close friends.

13. My blog (Casanova).

14. Idly (south Indian dish)

15. sex.

16. Blossom (NGO).

17. A.R.Rahman songs.

18. Rajini & surya movies.

19. water falls.

20. thrill rides in theme park.

I stop here..the time is 11.40 pm.

sathish lfe

Some of my happiness in image...!

Its really interesting….The order may vary but there are lot more to be listed (i hope so). My life was/is beautiful with all the above mentioned things and some other left. I can feel the inner happiness when I have the above mentioned things. In one way or other all these things helped me a lot to come out of my so called problems/hurdles.While writing these paragraph lots of things comes into my mind for mentioning in the above list…!

I feel lucky to be happy with lot of things. Thanks for all these things for making my life beautiful and acting as a escaping factor from the crucial moments.

Music without Rythm…!

Life is different without my Cinderellas on my side. Its long since I have been emotionally independent. For the past 8 years I was been surrounded by few peoples on my side on every moments and events of my life. I have and had lots of friends, few stated as friends , few stated as close friends, few stated as dear ones and very few stated as Cinderellas. The last two types of friends taught me most things in my life. I learned to express , I learned to be emotional, they ignited the creativity in me, they cleared some mind blocks in me , they gave me confidence, they encouraged me, they trusted me to the core, the shown my positive and they shown my negative, they brought the best in me.

I had no problems when they were with me. They took care of everything and obviously I became dependent to them. I am unaware of that, I would be jeopardized when I loose them. Peoples come into our life for a reason/a season/a life time. Among these years they Left ( I lost) one by one. Because they came for a reason and they got their work done for me and they left. Some left without saying , some made me to take a stand, few left by saying the reason. A lot went unquestioned, a lot went unanswered , but the result was unique i.e. I am looser all the time. Everyone had a perfect reason to leave or move away ( even I had/have reasons to leave few ) but the end result was I am the Looser …!

Among the most dear ones and Cinderellas, all the Cinderellas were girls. When dear ones left I easily took it and understood but when Cinderellas left , I was jeopardized. One thing is true , Life without girls is like a baby without smile. I never come to say that Girls are Life, but they make us to feel the life. Anyway a baby without smile is also a baby , but still smiling baby shows us the happiness. Simple starting and ending points are same in the life’s journey. Thanks for giving me the Lessons for Life time. Thanks for all my dear ones and Cinderellas.

Its really different to be independent and now I started enjoying my independency. But it took a long time to come to this state. Since I am a kind of person who loves and enjoys to be in the both sides of every thing, simply I started enjoying my loneliness and independency. Sugar is good when it has more sweet in it, but for sugar patients sugar with less sweet (no sugar) is good for health. I consider me as a patient and I understood that sugar with less sweet is good for my health. 🙂 Hope I have tasted more amount of sugar.

According to me “Learning and Leading is Life“. I am really tired being in the looser end. I am nowhere here to blame others, and thanks for being my teachers and preachers of life. I learned good enough on my emotional side and hope I can lead the rest with the lessons learned. Still a long way to go ….bon voyage !

ps:- For my friends this post would have given a different perception on me and my character. But still lots of different perceptions are there to come …!

Secret Cinderellas …!

Do you believe in “Cinderella” …? For me Cinderella is my dream doll. Since my childhood I was thinking of Cinderella as a cute Pink Doll. I usually see Cinderella in my dreams. For me Cinderella is the one ,

  • makes me to feel the happiness ,
  • Makes me to feel lighter always,
  • loves the child in me ,
  • shows me unconditional love ,
  • being with me always ,
  • gives me shoulder when i am blue ,
  • accepts all my love.

I was lucky that I got chances to see my dream doll alive and be with her (them) for few years . Yes, Until now I met three Cinderellas . Thanks for the Cinderellas for being with me. Now I can say them as my Secret Cinderellas.

I am back to thinking of my dream Cinderella – the doll. I realized , she is the one going to be with me always. I believe, I can get her back in my dreams.

Miss you My Cinderella – My doll.