Infinite happiniess with the new friends…!

Adding new friends is always a pleasure…! That too having the most beautiful, pure and non polluted friends is like a BLISS. For the past few months more than 10 to 15 friends added in my life. Thanks for my lil darlings for introducing these friends to me…! among them most are girls (kanishka – pink & chubby, Bephini – most cute , danush – stylish guy, pooja – curly hair beauty, danushri – long hair fairy tale, roopali – healthy one, charu, kiran, sivagiri, krithika, harish etc., ). Every one has a special description…But meeting them in person an taking them out  is the toughest thing…because you need a army force to control all of them in a single place.

Yes these little angels will make you tired in few hours and drain us out totally. :)…all are studying in UKG & 1st standard along with my little wonders (Reshma ,Sahana, Sharadha, Bharathi, Rahul, Subash, etc., ). Every Sunday we will have a long chat about the other common friends of us ( their class mates ). Waiting for the day to meet all the little ones…! Interesting part is these lil ones know lot of things…they speak about hair style, dress style, dress sense, walking style, make ups, complexions etc, etc.,

Sitting to their range , chatting in their language , reacting to their reactions, arguing with their conversations, laughing for their lil jokes…nothing more to say…SIMPLY SIMPLY AWESOME. World is full of Bliss, when you hear, laugh ,speak and share with these lil Angels. I’m really lucky to have them on my side.

Thousand’s of butterflies inside me…!

Lots of small kids (angels) were in queue , casual walk, looking all the sides, pulling the front one, loads of smiles, cute & new uniforms, small school bag with no filling, small snacks bag….yep all these inside the school’s Kindergarten block.

Yes my little wonder RESHMA joined school and on her first day, I had been there to school. The session was over, most of the kids were crying after seeing their mom or dad, some kids playing here and there. There are 5 sections, so I was searching for my darling through the windows. Atlast I found her inside one class room, she was casually playing with three of her friends. After seeing me she started running towards me…! Wat a feel man….her uniform dress, her small school bag, shoes , small snacks pack. Its a pride moment to see her in the first level of life…SCHOOL. I felt tat moment as every father is lucky to have this feel. The moment was like lots of butterflies flying inside me…! Its different…and its awesome. I’m lucky to have her on my side…!

She is in one of the best CBSE school in Ambattur, Chennai. Wish she should gather proper education with all the love and knowledge equally shared inside her.  Life is beautiful with my little angel on my side.

Happy list in 5 minutes

Just wanted to write about the things that makes me happy. There are lot to mention but I set a time of 5 mins and I write in instantly.

Now the time is 11.35 pm and I start writing here,

1. Babies,


3. Ice creams,

4. Moon,

5. Cinderellas (3),

6. Our new home,

7. My sister (g3),

8. Reshma (my little wonder).

9. RX-100 my bike (black cheetah).

10. Rain.

11. Forest and mountains.

12. fun-fighting with the so called close friends.

13. My blog (Casanova).

14. Idly (south Indian dish)

15. sex.

16. Blossom (NGO).

17. A.R.Rahman songs.

18. Rajini & surya movies.

19. water falls.

20. thrill rides in theme park.

I stop here..the time is 11.40 pm.

sathish lfe

Some of my happiness in image...!

Its really interesting….The order may vary but there are lot more to be listed (i hope so). My life was/is beautiful with all the above mentioned things and some other left. I can feel the inner happiness when I have the above mentioned things. In one way or other all these things helped me a lot to come out of my so called problems/hurdles.While writing these paragraph lots of things comes into my mind for mentioning in the above list…!

I feel lucky to be happy with lot of things. Thanks for all these things for making my life beautiful and acting as a escaping factor from the crucial moments.

March full of memories…!

March 09 of 2009 will get a permanent space in my memories book. Really a awful month with lots of good happenings and few so called worst happenings. Good happenings are , my wonderful sisters wedding falls on 15th march and my best friend usha’s marriage falls on 12th march. The interesting thing is both are getting married to their best friends and its love marriage.So its a happy marriage.

I’m more happy in this because my sister planned to settle in chennai and she will be in chennai after marriage. So again sathish will be in wonderland. I will get some extra energy when she is with me. I’m worrying a bit that a good friend of mine is leaving chennai after marriage ..but it is all in the game and it happens.

Another good thing was I got to see my Little wonder (Reshma) in march (three years back).So Every year I thank march month and usha for getting me the best gift in this universe. With all the good and bad happenings , march month was always a interesting month to me.

To my sister and usha…Happy Journey towards a new life. Bon voyage.

Heaven is in a reachable distance …! (for me)

Oct 02 ‘ 2008 – The day was really wonderful. Got to met my Little wonder after 3 weeks. In the past two years this was the longest duration I haven’t met her. For me Sundays are for her. It’s like being in a heaven when being with her.

A 3 year old kid came to me and said ” Innaiku Ghandhi thaathku Happy Birthday” . Started from then , we started running , rolling , fighting , singing, playing etc , etc.,  My little wonder always find a comfortable place in my shoulders.She become more talkative nowadays. At times couldn’t able to answer her questions. Had non stop playing for hours and I am soo tired. Just made them to sleep after lunch. And another school going kid (Kinder garden) came to me and we were chatting some serious issues about her class friends and teacher (miss) and complaints about them.

Another kid chatting with me and asking me to stay there . I asked her I have no dresses to change and food to eat. Suddenly she went to another room and took a small shirt and gave that to me and said that “u take this and I will give u food afterwords “. I couldn’t control laughing. So chweeet …!

Really I’m gifted to be there with them. Wish the happiniess should be continued. With lashings of Love wish them the perpertual hapinesss and health.