One…Two…Three and Counting….!

Pre Script: This blog post is all about my thoughts and its about me…if you are looking for something useful or general or  interesting stuffs, you might get disappointed…! So you are free to skip this post…!

Every day cuddles, little fights, word wars, arguments, silly jokes, ROLF moments, hitting hard, fighting and biting, lot of kisses, joyful moments, common friends, Crazy Pencilz, native places (Cuddalore and Aaralvaimozhi), marriages and functions, US-NJ onsite, experimental cooking, shopping, beach, Fish Curries, birthday cakes, little gifts, big gifts, surprises, crying, shouting, screaming, cleaning, washing, bike rides ( Yamaha Rx 100 & Scooty Pep ), arts and crafts, Canvas, paintings, pencil sketches, paper quelling, internet recipes, window shopping, monitor shopping ( online ), exhibitions, festivals, Onam, Vishu Kani, flowers, Chettas and Chechis, anna nagar Tower park, Connextions, Movies, Arul stores, Amara Stores, Santhosh Super Stores, Max, Pantaloon, Waves, Bata, fruits and veg market, medicines, Ayyapan temple, kids, sight seeing, Korattur, Anna Nagar, Adyar, Chetpet, T.Nagar, Street foods at T.Nagar, Pothys, Nalli, Saravana Super Stores, Villivakkam, selfies, chocolates, ice creams.  —- 1095 days ( 3 years )  are best described by the above listed things. (August 5th is our wedding anniversary)

Life was so much beautiful and  quite interesting ( trust me its true 😉 )  in these 3 years, filled with all the above mentioned things. Thanks wifey ( Padma Malini) for being with me as always. She is the one and only responsible for all the blunders and wonders of these 3 years. I’m only a active participant in most of the things and she is the core reason for all ( Planning, organizing and executing ).

Usually my days are filled with lot of things starting from, personal, work, special interests etc., And Padma is a part in my personal commitments. But Padma’s days and thoughts are filled with ME and other things like work, social, special interests are supplementary. I always wondered why and how she is so much crazy about me.

In these 3 years, I wouldn’t have done most of the things as expected by her. But surely I have been a good friend to her at all the times. Lot to go and years to come and looking forward for same happiness as always. I love her always for all the unconditional love.

Wishing ourselves many more happy returns.

Bahubali – a next level movie in Indian cinema industry.

Bahubali – India’s biggest movie, stunning sets, decent CG, good casting and screenplay best describes this movie. Really a next level movie for Indian cinema industry. More of these kind of films to be produced to showcase the history of strengths of our epics, kings and kingdoms. Wise decision from Rajamouli to release the part 2 as it created lot of expectations in the part 1. Hopefully the part2 will be much more technical and excelling in CG.


Excellent performances from Prabhas, Rana, Ramya krishnan, Sathyaraj (Kittappa), Nazer, Prabhakar (The Villain) took hold of this film. BGM was also excellent. Commercial songs and Tammanah’s few scenes were setback for this film. Over all a nice experience watching this movie. Long way to go to compare it with Brave heart and other hollywood movies. But still this movie has proved that we are capable of making those kind of movies if the budget permits.

Awaiting to see Anushka’s stunning performance in part 2. Great job Dir. Rajamouli and congrats for the huge collection at box office.

ps: its purely my view on the movie and no intention to judge other talents and works. 

Good to start my Day – B’day

Pre Script: This blog post is all about my views and its about me…and if the reader is looking for something useful or general or  interesting stuffs, you might get disappointed…! So you are free to skip this post…!

Its been so long since i have written in this space. And Happy that I am back here on my favorite month and on my favorite day ( Aug 20th – My B’day ). Good to start the wonderful day with lovely surprise gift from my darling wifey.

Though she is not in town, she made perfect arrangements few weeks back without my knowledge and executed it well. Thanks for all of her office friends. It was a real surprise to receive a bunch of gifts ( my favorite biscuits, chocolates, linen shirt etc.,)  a day before my day.  And I miss her soo much on this day. She is the one always wanted to be with me at all the times and will enjoy my company to the core. 🙂

Miss You Girl. And Love you forever. THE BEST THING ABOUT YOU IS YOU!

Happy Birthday. Wishing myself for a wonderful year ahead with all the happiness and surprises. 


Again its August…!

As I always say August Month is always close to my heart…now one more crown has been added to it. My Wedding Day is the new one added to August specials. This years August is so special till now because, my darling wife took all the responsibilities of making it too special. Starting from 1st wedding anniversary day to my birthday she made it wonderful with small small surprises.

I usually love to give surprises to others and very rarely  get surprised. This young lady darling with me, took all the pride in surprising me often.

And she started writing a new blog and i’m happy to see her writing online. She is a great artist, great lover of colors, great lover of kids, great lover of tiny things in this world…with all these things the blog will be interesting and eagerly waiting to see her write more. And about this space, i have plans to make it regular at-least this time I should make it. Lot of happenings, lot of perceptions, lot of learning, lot of mistakes, lot of listening, lot of movies, lots and lots to write and share.

Colors of Surprise

Colors of Surprise

“Life is so much beautiful with my darling wife and with all these little surprises.”

The Best Thing About You Is You!

This post is simply about a girl and I have a reason to write about her today. Few tiny things about her……

A girl who can live as herself always…!

A girl who celebrates her womanhood…!

A girl who wants to smile and keep everyone smiling all the time…!

A girl who wants to smile or laugh loud for no reason…!

A girl who cries instantly for no/tiny reasons…!

A girl who express herself in all possible ways…!

A girl who never interferes others way of doing thing…!

A girl who always gives respect to everything in this world…!

A girl who loves to be loved always…!

A girl longing for care and affection …!

A girl who loves kids to the core…!

A girl who is bold and intelligent enough to excel in her career…!

A girl who is very much innocent in her own ways…!

A girl who always wanted to be simple and take life simple….!

A girl who never wanted to be questioned more…!

A girl who is inspired by his dad throughout her life…!

A girl who is chosen by a right guy at the right time….!

A girl who is gonna live life to the fullest as she expected…!

This girl faced lots n lots of hiccups in her life’s journey….few due to the parenting mistakes and few by herself…! Might be life was  not as much smooth to her as she expected for all these years..! But I am sure her future is in safe hands…the guy who has chosen this girl will take care and spread happiness throughout her life.

And for a girl who deserves a lot….the guy with her will make the things happen to her as she expected.Making her happy is not onesided,,,in turn she will make everything happy around her..! Lucky Guy and Lucky Girl.

The right guy is none other than me …yeah IT’s ME :)….and the right girl is my friend, my fiance…my girl…it is Padma Malini. :). Happy to be with her….life has changed lot and keep changing a lot..! Thanks for my girl for making things happening around me…! You deserve a lot….and I will make things happen around you.

And the most beautiful thing is …Its her BIRTHDAY TODAY. (may 13th). Many more happy returns to my girl….! Happy for you…and happy life together….!  Happy B’day Padma….I LOVE YOU. Happy living together as always.

Its true that…“The Best Thing About You Is You! “

Simply life is beautiful …!

With the mid-week confusions in mind, along with the half productive day (yesterday), with tummy full of dinner @ home, Just started watching little perks of different movies in the computer, ended on watching two most beautiful movies ‘Letter to Julliet’& ‘Guzzarish’, unexpectedly ended with a night out day, after tat decided to go for a early morning walk to the nearby park on the clean , less traffic and non polluted road side, sitting (with no more energy to walk ) in the chairs inside the park by just feeling the chillness n cleanliness of the morning and decided to pen this experience on this lovely blog…. It’s again me who just feels tat life is more n more beautiful with all these things and happenings .

Walking is an experience….!

In these modern days I do not know how many still like or Love  to walk  ?? But I do. I love walking whenever I get some time. I like to walk always when I am in a sulky state, I always walked alone to decide on some complicated issues, I always preferred to walk to get out of the confusions or bad mood, I always loved to walk with friends with some healthy or silly conversations, I always felt tat its a Bliss walking with loved ones.We used to walk a lot during college days… I was lucky that I had few ppl who had the same happiness in walking.

As like talking I like walking too..!

As like watching experience , talking experience I have lot of walking experiences. But in the recent times I walked less with my close friends . I used to walk alone in tough times…but missed walking with friends…! After a loooong time two days back me and one of my close friend been for a walk in the streets near my residence. It was really good to feel the happiness after long time. We walked for more than twenty mins and felt really fresh and good. Thanks you buddy for making your time and enjoying the walk with me…!

Blessed is the person who forgets today’s happiness by today itself and ready to enjoy the happiness of the next day. For me its all about myself to make my day happier and make the moments happiest. And so I wanted to be. Life is soo much beautiful with the late night walks on the streets , accompanied by a good friend….wat else we need…Happy Walking.

Walking is an Experience…..Come lets WALK :)…!

Blissfulness is expected in a weeks time…!

Anybody wanted to see the most luckiest baby girl in this universe ?? Come to my home next week….My brother is expecting a baby in a weeks time…whole family is totally excited. Not sure about my bro about his expectation on the baby ( he has no option..have to accept)…but we all (especially me) expect a baby girl. If the baby is a girl baby..then this world can see a luckiest baby girl in this Universe.  Lets see….Anyways Baby Girl or Baby boy…we all are happy/excited to see the first kid in our home.

Blissfulness is expected in a weeks time...!

A new life…A new person…new happiness….really our family will celebrate this occasion. Its always bliss to have a kid in the home…! So we will be in a blissful state in a weeks time..! Wish the baby and mom should be in good health. Life is gonna be really beautiful with this new entry in our sweet home…!

Conversions of Life…!

Pre Script: This blog post all about my views and perceptions and its about me…and if the reader is looking for something useful or interesting stuffs, you might get disappointed…! So you are free to skip this post…!

The way of Living was totally different for me in the past few months…! All these conversions like Close Friends turned into Friends, Friends turned into Just Friends, Just Friends turned into Strangers and finally its a confusing one to calculate these conversions in the recent years. What I wonder is , downside conversion automatically happens and the upwards conversion is not at all happening ( might be I haven’t tried ). Really tired of seeing good things to normal and normal to usual and usual to nothing.

My mind is in a clear confusion state. I am not talking about life’s experiences , just talking about happenings. I am really in a clear confused state to know and accept these modern days terms on friendships & relationships. One’s life changes with their individual decisions, changes and experiences, and I don’t know why I am hitting my head hard and feeling the changes in my life due to others individual experiences and decisions. I know this is not the right way to lead a joyful life.

I know its really tough time in my professional side, really working hard and draining out physically to put things in place. Glad that things are positive and able to see the improvements every day. But feeling mentally and emotionally low is not at all good at this time…! I should have got some emotional support at this time….I wonder why I gained no one to stay with me to give some emotional support. But the fact is everyone is around me…but the gaps created due to the above mentioned Conversations plays a big role. I don’t know how far I can run without a emotional support…I am not used with this….just simply pretending to be. I thank to my busy schedule , which keeps me away from worrying about these things…but when things stress out on professional side too…mind automatically starts longing for a support.

To be frank I am not bold or matured enough to face the challenges individually. I was always depended on a emotional support to share my success and happiness. I was grown up by pointing someone as a reason for my success and happiness. I always felt that sharing is my secret of success and happiness. And later its well proven tat it is wrong. Anyways success or happiness , if it is very big I want someone to take the whole responsibility and be a reason for tat. That is wat I am all about.

But for the first time in these years, I feel tired of running behind ppls, feeling very tired to maintain contacts and be in touch, feeling very tired of being good to everyone, feeling tired of maintaining the values and trust, feeling tired of learning experiences from the happenings in life, feeling tired of loosing ppl, feeling tired of explaining things, feeling tired of caring & hearing, simply and totally I am FEELING TIRED.

No one has seen my full potential…seriously NO ONE. Even I am very eager to see it. The roaring success and rejoicing happiness…is all closer to me on my professional side. But still there is no use in achieving this with no inner happiness. Its my usual habit tat, I often ask myself tat ..” Sathish… are you Happy ? “..and mostly the answers was YES. But nowadays I doubt myself about my happiness. Anyways trying to sort out things. Everyday moves on with a HOPE…! Have to make some good time to sit for myself and to put things straight. finishing this post with my fav lines from a tamil Song…!

ஒரே காண என் வாழ்விலே , அதை நெஞ்சில் வைத்திருந்தேன் …;
காண மெய்யாகும் நாள் வரை , உயிர் கையில் வைத்திருப்பேன் …;

வானே என் மேல் சாய்ந்தாலுமே , நான் மீண்டு காட்டுவேன் …;
நீ எனை கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சினால் , நிலாவை வாங்குவேன். – Guru Movie.

Ps: I just now read the above post..really a confusing one….I can see the confusion in my mind from this narration. Anyways I most times used this space as my best one…to share things with no hesitation. And this helped me a lot in getting a temporary relief and slowly a permanent relief. Sorry for the bla bla bla narration from my confused mind.