Simply life is beautiful …!

With the mid-week confusions in mind, along with the half productive day (yesterday), with tummy full of dinner @ home, Just started watching little perks of different movies in the computer, ended on watching two most beautiful movies ‘Letter to Julliet’& ‘Guzzarish’, unexpectedly ended with a night out day, after tat decided to go for a early morning walk to the nearby park on the clean , less traffic and non polluted road side, sitting (with no more energy to walk ) in the chairs inside the park by just feeling the chillness n cleanliness of the morning and decided to pen this experience on this lovely blog…. It’s again me who just feels tat life is more n more beautiful with all these things and happenings .


Walking is an experience….!

In these modern days I do not know how many still like or Love  to walk  ?? But I do. I love walking whenever I get some time. I like to walk always when I am in a sulky state, I always walked alone to decide on some complicated issues, I always preferred to walk to get out of the confusions or bad mood, I always loved to walk with friends with some healthy or silly conversations, I always felt tat its a Bliss walking with loved ones.We used to walk a lot during college days… I was lucky that I had few ppl who had the same happiness in walking.

As like talking I like walking too..!

As like watching experience , talking experience I have lot of walking experiences. But in the recent times I walked less with my close friends . I used to walk alone in tough times…but missed walking with friends…! After a loooong time two days back me and one of my close friend been for a walk in the streets near my residence. It was really good to feel the happiness after long time. We walked for more than twenty mins and felt really fresh and good. Thanks you buddy for making your time and enjoying the walk with me…!

Blessed is the person who forgets today’s happiness by today itself and ready to enjoy the happiness of the next day. For me its all about myself to make my day happier and make the moments happiest. And so I wanted to be. Life is soo much beautiful with the late night walks on the streets , accompanied by a good friend….wat else we need…Happy Walking.

Walking is an Experience…..Come lets WALK :)…!

Take my hand….hold on tight…!

“”Take my hand, and hold on tight, don’t let go, don’t you dare even try,

there are so many roads to travel, so much still to find, and with the help of our lord,

I want you to help me try and reach for the sky.”

by Marty Keith

Nice lines…i liked it very much. So meaningful to me. Except for the word “Lord” in the above lines…I liked it totally.

What’s Next…!???

Days pass on, we get mature every day @ Crazy Pencilz Studio. Learning atleast one new thing everyday…its all about experiences..its all about mistakes. Life is so much interesting day by day..with all these experiences at Crazy Pencilz…with all these challenges…with all these deadlines…with all these hunger of doing something new and creative. Its not all about impressing others …its all about impressing ourselves. We found it more difficult to impress ourselves…! Hope tats the reason keeps us moving forward.

For the initial six months was thinking and working on getting into a initial level..its like rehearsal of becoming a studio. For the past few months its all about moving to a next level. Finding it hard to decide what is the next level. I’m sure that we are a click (Step) away from the the next level. But not sure about where to click. Really a toughest job..but not complicated one. Surely will make it and will make a right click soon. Very soon.

So..What's next...!?For all these days its not about success and failures. Nothing to loose….we have no space to go back….we have nothing to look back…we have no one to compete…we have no one to compare…and its not about loosing and winning. All zzzz about ” WHAT’s NEXT ?”. This is the one things keeps us going.

Life is so much Beautiful.Living the life to the fullest..with CPZ & BLOSSOM.

Nothing has changed …!

The present became past, moments became memories, mistakes became lessons, happenings became experience but when it comes to love and affection nothing has changed in me for all these years. Got to see a very good friend of mine after three years.Though we are not in good touch all these years…but still I feel the same love and affection. Still I can recall the golden old days when we are together.Though we are not chatting about the old days…still I can get back to it and can feel happy about it. We got to be very close during our college days. Times were there , I proudly flaunted as my best friend in this world. But times gone by…after college…we moved away(not so far) due to professional life….things had been changed slowly. Thick became thin, close become wide and the close friend became a just another friend.

I’m not sure about what my friend felt. I wanted to say I missed you and miss you still so much…but I couldn’t. All the silence and the distance created by the friend for all these years made me to stop expressing. And little bit afraid to express…! But only thing made me happy was I’m still the same.I wonder still I have the same place and importance to the friend in my heart.  This is the most important thing I wonder at myself.

Others took it easily and they adapted to the so called practical life ( this is wat they say). I found it hard to accept  certain things in the earlier stages…and as the time and experience and lessons gave me the power to accept things. Anyways  complains apart….I felt very happy to see a good friend of mine today after years.

Friends & memories....!

No matter who made the things worse…and who is the reason…only thing matters is the memories….THE GOOD MEMORIES. I have it always…thanks for that. Life is so much beautiful with memories of the unconditional love we shared with friends….! Miss you my friend…!

Traveling along with the dreams…!

October 11, 2010 one of the most important day of this year, as we (Blossom NGO) step into 5th year.We call it as B Day (Blossom Day).  Oct 11th 2006, we named our dream and registered it. I don’t know how many will get a chance to live along with the dream…and how many will get a chance to travel along with the dreams. We are lucky to get this chance. Traveling with Blossom all these years is really a bliss.  With sustainable growth and in a meaningful position we are happy to enter the fifth year.

Happy Birthday Blossom.

Frankly speaking, we found to move easy in the early years. We managed to create enough funds and volunteers and we achieved more than what we though of. The third year was bit tough to move due to lack of volunteers. And the fourth year was really a hectic one and we lagged a lot in both volunteers and funds. We faced a big financial crisis. But some how managed to support the usual activities. We considerably reduced the new activities and just maintained with the prior committed activities.

Personally I wish  to thank  jayashree (GG), eniyan, senthil,srini, selvam, shankar, gopal, mari for their continuous support at all the times. Without them all these years could not have been moved. Whatever may be the time and reason..these guys never stopped supporting us financially. Thanks a ton to other volunteers for their  financial and moral support. My special thanks to siva,madan,padma,mohan,angai,lakshmi,saravana,vasanth(vkrish),YHM,nagappan for their encouragement and their positive thoughts on Blossom. Their encouraging words and interest in the activities made us to move further. My heartfelt thanks to all the kind hearts involved in Blossom.We never measure a help by size, but we measure it by consistency. So every volunteer involved in Blossom made a positive difference in other lives.

We promise to take Blossom to the next level in this 5th year.  We are sure that Blossom will reach more people  to create smiles. With the perpetual  support from friends and kind hearts…any thing is possible in this world. Long way to travel…slowly but steadily we will make it happen. Together we can and together we will.

Blossom…lets bring it….!

Because of Blossom….Life is always beautiful and meaning full  …! Happy to be a part of it.

ps : For those who do not know about Blossom. Blossom is a social welfare organization which mainly works on the education field to provide quality education to all the students. Simple Equality in Quality eduction. Our major working areas are remote villages of Tamil nadu. Blossom also involved in humanity based services. For more details please contact

The day that is always special…!

Aug 20th 2010, yet another BIG day..sorry One of my Biggest day ever. There are two main reasons for this, My b’day & another reason you can see it in next post. The day (12.00 am)started with a Choco ruffle cake along with realtime B’day music (from a professional keyboard, and a well trained guy) and continued with a music from Tamil movie (Vaarayoo from Ayan). Its a surprise one and it happened bcos of BalaG (thanks buddy).

Continued with another cake (black forest ma fav., one) from ma roommates and few other friends. The next day was little bit occupied with phone calls from friends , a important moment in morning and a little tr8 from my side in the evening.Guys around me made my day wonderful as usual (mannie, maddy, kamlaseh, ashok added more flavors to my day). Finally the day ended with lots of positive notes and I felt lil bit odd because of some responsibilities. But totally it was a wonderful day bcos of my friends. Thanks for every one.

Years were there I usually count on my b’day wishes..more wishes gave more happiness to me. I know its a  bad habit of counting the number of wishes and I know its silly too. Thanks for some of the lessons I learnt in the past, For the past few years I was not into counting, but still I’m more happy then the previous. Everyone has their own priority list and I should not expect every time I should be in the list of everyone. so no hard feelings for the missed wishes. May be I felt like missing  few friends presence or wishes (really missed my doll’s presence and few others wishes) but its not hurting. I can understand, its all about accepting things.

But as usual , still I feel younger as years pass by. All my friends make me feel younger and thanks to ma loving friends. I wish myself a happy year and to make my dreams into reality. I promise to make more smiles in the deserving lives, to protect the Mother Earth in my possible ways, to make my parents happy, to make a big and lucrative move in my professional and social life.