Beautiful wings has lots of pain behind it..!

For the past few thing got into my mind and  I find it difficult to handle or accept it. And its not on the professional side ..its on the personal side…! The incident or the person or the thing related to this is not important …but I want to say something about my perception…!

I was in a thought that…with all my lessons learned from my past (emotionally) I can handle all the things easily. But things are not in my favor…life is interesting…it throws different things in different stages of life.And now again with lots of introspection  slowly getting to accept the things. Its about taking and accepting persons as they are…and everyone has a personal side and its different with everyone…! They should handle it and they should learn from their experiences…and no one else should try to help them getting out of the problem ( if they are grown enough).

Just remember this small story of a Butterfly which exactly relates to this post..( once told by me friend to me…!)

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly.
One day a small opening appeared.
He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours
as it struggled to squeeze its body through the tiny hole.
Then it stopped, as if it couldn’t go further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly.
He took a pair of scissors and
snipped off the remaining bits of cocoon.
The butterfly emerged easily but
it had a swollen body and shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch it,

expecting that any minute the wings would enlarge
and expand enough to support the body,
Neither happened!
In fact the butterfly spent the rest of its life
crawling around.
It was never able to fly.

What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand:
The restricting cocoon and the struggle
required by the butterfly to get through the opening
was a way of forcing the fluid from the body
into the wings so that it would be ready
for flight once that was achieved.

Sometimes struggles are exactly
what we need in our lives.
Going through life with no obstacles would cripple us.
We will not be as strong as we could have been
and we would never fly.

Cocoon goes thru the pain to get wings for life...!

It took all these years to understand this story exactly. Just tried to protect or help a friend from a big problem . But later realized that its time for my friend  to learn to handle this problem and get out of  it. When it comes to personal problem I should have thought this twice before involving into this. Life is all about learning and leading….! Again a good lesson from my best friend….! Thanks for that…and sorry if I disturbed in one way or other…!


What’s Next…!???

Days pass on, we get mature every day @ Crazy Pencilz Studio. Learning atleast one new thing everyday…its all about experiences..its all about mistakes. Life is so much interesting day by day..with all these experiences at Crazy Pencilz…with all these challenges…with all these deadlines…with all these hunger of doing something new and creative. Its not all about impressing others …its all about impressing ourselves. We found it more difficult to impress ourselves…! Hope tats the reason keeps us moving forward.

For the initial six months was thinking and working on getting into a initial level..its like rehearsal of becoming a studio. For the past few months its all about moving to a next level. Finding it hard to decide what is the next level. I’m sure that we are a click (Step) away from the the next level. But not sure about where to click. Really a toughest job..but not complicated one. Surely will make it and will make a right click soon. Very soon.

So..What's next...!?For all these days its not about success and failures. Nothing to loose….we have no space to go back….we have nothing to look back…we have no one to compete…we have no one to compare…and its not about loosing and winning. All zzzz about ” WHAT’s NEXT ?”. This is the one things keeps us going.

Life is so much Beautiful.Living the life to the fullest..with CPZ & BLOSSOM.

For some reason…!

At times I will do some silly introspections and think about the facts in and around me …..

For some reason …. I’m afraid of strangers,

For some reason …. I’m afraid to be alone,

For some reason…. most times I never showcased my talents,

For some reason…. I haven’t answered most of the known questions,

For some reason…. I’m afraid to go new places,

For some reason…. I want to get away from this normal life,

For some reason…. I haven’t expressed myself fully,

For some reason…. I always depend on other person to represent me,

For some reason…. I changed my carieer,

For some reason…. I afraid to take risks many times (though I wanted to),

For some reason…. I act matured ,

For some reason…. I haven’t asked questions (where i have to),

For some reason…. Some times I avoid being in crowd,

For some reason…. I was/am dependent,

For some reason…. I missed some good opportunities(though I’m capable of),

For some reason…. I kept myself silent (where i should have shouted),

For some reason…. I’m more emotional (though I’m not),

For some reason…. I wish to stay alone,

For some reason……….???

I know what are all the reasons….but used with it and making myself to be comfortable with it. Life is really interesting for me because of these “some reasons…!“. Nothing and no one can be blamed for these some reasons…..I know there i a reason behind every happening…and so i too have some reasons…!

Just set it free…!

Recently read a article about OBSESSIVE Lovers. It was interesting and a must read thing to all,

Many of us at some point or the other have had to deal with the attentions of obsessive lovers or over-possessive, needy friends.Experience tells us that this trait, if not nipped at the bud can become dark and murky.

Love is defined as a strong bond between two people. And when that is threatened (imaginatively or really), the person becomes possessive, obsessive and paranoid to save their bond. This could just as well happen between friends, parent and child, as with lovers.


People with low self image and confidence generally become obsessive in their relationships.

Early childhood experiences also play a big role in determining how one behaves in his relationships later.Over critical parents who constantly keep rejecting their child, scar them for life.

As adults, when they get into their first relationship, they find acceptance, but eventually become possessive,if that bond is threatened in anyway.

A series of failed relationships can also lead to an obsessive personality.They grow out to be insecure individuals who fear being ditched repeatedly.

There are some obsessive lovers who turn out to be sadistic. They can even go to the extent of harming the person. Such people usually suffer from psychopathic or anti-social tendencies.


  • You cannot forget the existence of that person in your life
  • You alter your schedule constantly to check where they are hanging out
  • You constantly need to check your lover’s phone history, email and text messages
  • You follow them everywhere and question them time and again about their whereabouts or who they are talking to.
  • You start fretting if your lover’s phone is engaged for sometime


  • If you realize that you are unable to control your impulses, seek professional help immediately
  • Try to disconnect yourself with the person completely by cutting all links
  • Gather support from your family and friends.Ask them to help you stay away from the person you are obsessed with
  • Tell yourself that eventually you will get someone better.
  • Call the police as early as possible
  • If the stalker is an ex, who threatens to show the world your personal pictures, letters, cards, do not feel scared. Chances are that they may be just empty threats.

The above is the edited version of an article from TOI news paper.

Just set it free...!

Just set it free...!

Honestly speaking I was a obsessive lover at one(three) point of time. Those are the bad patches of my life and of-course for the opponent also . There may be several reasons for being a obsessive lover but still its not good for a happy life either side. Its good that I have learnt quickly from the lessons (bad experiences) and not went to a worse level of obsessive.

In the past two years I can see great differences in me for not being obsessive and getting used to handle things. Thanks for all the introspection and to all the so called closed ones I missed.

Just simply …”If u love something …just set it free…!“.

Happy list in 5 minutes

Just wanted to write about the things that makes me happy. There are lot to mention but I set a time of 5 mins and I write in instantly.

Now the time is 11.35 pm and I start writing here,

1. Babies,


3. Ice creams,

4. Moon,

5. Cinderellas (3),

6. Our new home,

7. My sister (g3),

8. Reshma (my little wonder).

9. RX-100 my bike (black cheetah).

10. Rain.

11. Forest and mountains.

12. fun-fighting with the so called close friends.

13. My blog (Casanova).

14. Idly (south Indian dish)

15. sex.

16. Blossom (NGO).

17. A.R.Rahman songs.

18. Rajini & surya movies.

19. water falls.

20. thrill rides in theme park.

I stop here..the time is 11.40 pm.

sathish lfe

Some of my happiness in image...!

Its really interesting….The order may vary but there are lot more to be listed (i hope so). My life was/is beautiful with all the above mentioned things and some other left. I can feel the inner happiness when I have the above mentioned things. In one way or other all these things helped me a lot to come out of my so called problems/hurdles.While writing these paragraph lots of things comes into my mind for mentioning in the above list…!

I feel lucky to be happy with lot of things. Thanks for all these things for making my life beautiful and acting as a escaping factor from the crucial moments.

The best place to feel secured

Today morning I noticed a different logo in Google page and clicked to know more, and its Mary Cassatt ‘s – A American painter & print maker birthday today.

This is the first time I’m hearing about her, but I was most impressed by her paintings. Her paintings are awesome and almost all the paintings deals with the private and social lives of women and particularly on the inmate bonds between mothers and children.

According to me , the only best/real place to feel secured and comfort is Mother’s shoulders. And here it is …!

The best place to feel secured...!

is there any other place in this world to feel secured...!

The true place to hold

true place to relax

For more photos of Mary Cassatt check the below link,

Mary Cassatt’s web art gallery

Mary Cassatt – Wiki

The pictures were best displayed with the unique bond with a mother and child and in few pictures the hidden sadness (the missing tone) has been well shown. Every women has a story and thus these pictures shows.

Thanks for the Google for giving me the info on Mary Cassatt. Life is really wonderful with the mother and child relationship.

March full of memories…!

March 09 of 2009 will get a permanent space in my memories book. Really a awful month with lots of good happenings and few so called worst happenings. Good happenings are , my wonderful sisters wedding falls on 15th march and my best friend usha’s marriage falls on 12th march. The interesting thing is both are getting married to their best friends and its love marriage.So its a happy marriage.

I’m more happy in this because my sister planned to settle in chennai and she will be in chennai after marriage. So again sathish will be in wonderland. I will get some extra energy when she is with me. I’m worrying a bit that a good friend of mine is leaving chennai after marriage ..but it is all in the game and it happens.

Another good thing was I got to see my Little wonder (Reshma) in march (three years back).So Every year I thank march month and usha for getting me the best gift in this universe. With all the good and bad happenings , march month was always a interesting month to me.

To my sister and usha…Happy Journey towards a new life. Bon voyage.