lost in nature …!

It was my first time to Kodaikannal and really a amazing trip for me. I enjoyed the places to the core.I felt like I was in a natures bed for two days.The chill climate and a slight drizzle in the morning and evening and the smoky mist all over the day. Having the third eye(XLR camera) with me , just caught some of the nature’s secret over there.

Top of the world

me on the Top of the world

I usually love to get lost in the nature. And when it comes to heights , I love to climb to the top. We went to a place called Dolphin’s nose , a short paved walkway lead us to the place, which is a flat rock projecting over a breathtaking chasm 6,600 feet (2,000 m) deep. Really a amazing view from the heights. Very adjacent to that we can see the echo point. I have no words to describe that place. A rock will be projected outside the mountain and it was square shaped and very comfortable to sit.  I just sat on the  corner of the rock and Just starred starring at the mountains beauty and its secret in the depth.I was just dissolved with the natures beauty and I had no mood to get back from that place at least for another 30 mins. But friends urged me to move from that place.

Self made flower bunch

flowers plucked during morning walk

The cuddling newly married couples added more beauty to the mountains.Hope almost everyone got tired with the trekking(simple level) , but I was really fresh from the beginning until we finish. The beauty of the pine tree forests are still standing tall in my heart .The lonely roads with dense trees surrounded was the most beautiful thing in this world.The early morning walk in the lonely roads and collecting the flowers with different shades and making it as a bouquet was one of my best moments in my life.

Casanova in lonely roads

Casanova in lonely roads

Interesting thing was, while I was busy in picking the flowers, a small cute girl was also plucking a kind of violet flower and she started sucking the nectar from the flower. Like this she keep on doing and moving on her way.Then I couldn’t resist me from doing that, I started doing the same and she looked at me and gave a smile…

The usual sites like lake , coakers walk, suicide point and Guna cave does not attracted me the more. Bcos all these places were crowded.I always have a thirst of going for trekking. This trip has just increased my thirst. And now I am looking forward to join the Chennai trekking club and wish to go for trekking frequently.

Trekking path

Trekking path

Thanks for kodaikannal for giving me such a wonderfull experience. Getting lost in the nature is a Bliss.

me and moon – 180 Kms

Last weekend I have been to my native and I traveled in my bike (RX 100). It was almost around 180 Kms from Chennai. My bike’s engine got ceased few months back , since then it was in worst condition , pick up was reduced etc., So I planned to leave it for a complete service and to make some alterations ( making more sporty). I have few well known mechanics in Pondy, so I took it to Pondy. Now the bike is in service station.

While returning to Chennai I took my brother’s bike (TVS Vector) and it was the best journey/ride/driving I have experienced. It’s not due to the bike but due to the flat bed road (ECR – East cost Road),hugging breeze, the drizzling sun light and dazzling full moon light. It’s really awesome. Its long time since I have traveled a long distance using bike. So I enjoyed my ride with the average speed of 70 and maximum of 90 (its the maximum for Vector). 😦

Usually in any long distance bike drive I will stop the bike at every one hour , but this time I have stopped for every 45 mins ..its bcos of the beauty of The Full Moon. the climate was really amazing on that day, I started at 5.30 pm and it started drizzling along with the drizzles of sun light. At one stage around 6.15 pm I stopped at a bridge ( next to place Marakanam) , it was a bridge which runs over a river and the will be around one KM distance. I parked my bike in the road side and sitting on the bridge wall , I started looking at the sun set. No words to express the beauty of the scene. And just opposite to that direction the moon was there with a dull transparent white color. It’s really a wonder to see both sun and moon at the same time.

The suns light and moons light are indirectly proportional. Said a bye to sun I started , the moons brightness keeps on increasing and I was chasing a Air Bus (parveen) all along the way. All the way I was looking at the sky for the moon with a big circle around it. I know It is bit dangerous on concentrating the speed and the moon and the road at the same time. But I managed , and I could not control myself of watching the moon. My last stop was a place near Chennai (50 Kms) , usually I watch the place while traveling in bus , its a park on the road side with lawn and lots of wooden chairs and tables and a Ice cream shop. It gives the best view of sea shore ( sea water is just 600 to 700 meters away). I got a Mango stick in the shop and sat on the wooden chair and started watching the moon and its shine in the beach water and the fresh breeze. Really I enjoyed each and every moment.

I wish to spend some more time there but I was about to attend my friends engagement function at Vijay park hotel. So I started and then caught in city traffic and I reached near the hotel at 9.30 pm and could not able to attend the function .

For me travelling and living is good when it happens along with the moon. I don’t know why I am becoming such a big moon lover , anyways it good. And I miss my bike (black chetah) a lot .

Sunset was costlier for me …!

Sunset was bit costlier for me. Yes I paid around 11000 rs for seeing the Sun Set. It was around 3.30 pm we went to Kovalam Beach (Kerala). Five of my friends were there with me. We were playing in the beach. Guys were pulling one another in water , sometimes I was thrown into the water and dipped into water. At around 5.30 pm we were just tired and we planned to move from there. So we went to a restaurant near by the seashore.

One of my friend noticed that the gold chain in my neck was missing. So few of us went to the beach , to search the chain in the places where we played. We could not able to get it.I felt, Its really foolish to search in the sea waters. So I asked the guys to come out. Everyone left to the restaurant and had a cup of hot tea. At that time the sun started to set and the scene was excellent. I just took my cup of tea and started walking in the beach water by looking and enjoying at the sun set.

The dazzling of the reddish orange color in the sky and a small mountain rock in the seashore with a beautiful sundecks of “The Leela” hotel added more beauty to the scene. For every second I can able to see the sun moving towards the sea water to take a water bath . In the same time it started drizzling. Every one playing in the beach were running towards some shelter near the seashore. Hardly I was the only guy still standing in the beach waters. The coastal guards were whistling at me to come to the seashore. I acted like I was not hearing them, I continued to look at the sun set. Sun was almost very nearer to the sea level. The scene at this time was really amazing. Really one should have thousand eyes to watch it. I was in the state of bliss, it started raining most and most of the clouds were dark Grey in color , darkness were surrounded in sky, the reddish orange started fading and sun’s glow was reduced , no one was there around me .

Just imagine that a single man, with a cup of tea in his hands, standing in the beach water while raining, darken clouds, light orange colored sky near the sun, sea water reflects the orange color, a small rock mountain and the excellently constructed sundecks of The Leela hotel, with a cool breeze blowing in my face. Still I can feel the moments. Really I enjoyed each and every milliseconds of a second. Almost the sun was set and few coastal guards came near to me and asked me to move from the place. I was totally wet , reached the restaurant and had some fish fries and left kovalam at around 7.00 pm. Check with a net image of sunset in kovalam beach.

Sunset in Kovalam beach

google image of Sunset in Kovalam beach

Most of my friends are worried about the chain I lost, but I was not much concerned about that. I was telling myself that I have paid 11000 rs to nature to watch its wonder. It worth to pay for it. Though that chain got some sentimental backgropunds like my first gold ornament and my mom presented to me 9 years back etc., I was not much worried. Bocs everything happend for a reason, If I haven’t lost the chain there , we would have left the place at around 5.45 pm and I would have missed the most beautiful show of the sun in my life.

Thanks for Kerala, Kovalam beach, The Leela Hotel, the rock mountain, my gold chain , the rain and the cup of tea for showing me the pleasant side of the Sun. Life is always beautifull when living with nature.

traveling and living …!

This was the 5th weekend I was traveling. June month is really hectic for me. I was so tired. I usually love to travel , but traveling in weekends and coming back to work on Monday is a hectic one. Among the five weekend travels few travels were more uncomfortable. Those were the unplanned journeys ..so I haven’t booked tickets. So I had few uncomfortable journeys.

Already I am loosing my sleepy nights because of the f…..g dreams. These uncomfortable journeys makes me so tired. Nowadays I am afraid of traveling through buses. Anyways thanks for the Bourbon biscuits, (Maaza/slice) mango drink, Ipod music player, vikadan magazine and off course THE MOON for making my journeys good.

The worst part was , last month I was flooded with tasks (preparing the accounts sheet for Blossom, Collecting and finalizing ed. requests, target date of my component in office, working on prototype model for QUEST, checking with the ABL videos, collecting requests/quotations from govt. schools and finalizing , communicating with HTSL community services, preparing QEC visit report, meeting auditor for accounts and AT-G80, etc.,). Its not the toughest job to do all these things, but I failed to manage my time. May be its because I am weak mentally and physically. Both are due to the sleepless(dream full) nights. Still I have few tasks unfinished. Hope to complete it by this weekend.

I always feel guilty when I could not able to maintain my time. I feel bad to the core when I couldn’t able to complete the tasks in the accepted time. Except for office work , for other tasks no one forced me to the give a short schedule. I have given the schedule, but I could not able to make it.It’s all about time management. I know where I was going wrong. I should start working on it to get it wright.

For now, I am tired. I wish to sleep for hours without any disturbance and dreams. Hope a good sleep will be a panacea.