Raising Intolerance – Cheap Journalism.

I was just wondering about why there is so much fuss about the word INTOLERANCE & AAMIR. I watched the interview recently and it’s a usual interview with tactical questions from Top Journalist forum and Aamir’s views as answers. There are a lot of other things he spoke was constructive and totally ignored by the so call media and they only took the part where he stated about the intolerance ( insecurity ) and his wife’s conversation with him on the insecure feeling.

All these media hyped this to a new level and made it related to politics and portraying Aamir as anti-patriotic. This is just an act of cheap journalism and everything for TRP. HOT words from a HOT star – sells high in TRP or any other related term for other media. As a common man if I was a Muslim, I would have felt the same intolerance and alarmed about the general public and media’s perception of Terrorism related to Islam. Please, remove the religious tag from Terrorism.

It is all about the secure feeling that a nation gives to a common man. No matter what is your Foreign investment policy, no matter how the GDP grows, no matter about the stunning technology revolution, no matter on the new political policies and stands, a common man just want to feel secured wherever he lives. Even most of the Indian’s like me are feeling alarmed and insecure due to the recent activities of a nationwide religious movement and on their moral policing. This is just one example…and more to be listed.

I have a strong feeling that patriotism is getting out fashioned and unwanted in the current scenario. Let’s think Humanity, Let’s think Global. Raise your voice for truth, raise your voice for humanity. Let’s put an end to Cheap Journalism.

ps: here is the link on the interview given by Aamir which created the Aamir – Intolerance wave.

Take my hand….hold on tight…!

“”Take my hand, and hold on tight, don’t let go, don’t you dare even try,

there are so many roads to travel, so much still to find, and with the help of our lord,

I want you to help me try and reach for the sky.”

by Marty Keith

Nice lines…i liked it very much. So meaningful to me. Except for the word “Lord” in the above lines…I liked it totally.

Equality in Quality …not this year….!

Today’s headlines…Tamil Nadu government cancels the “Uniform Education System” from this year. ( not sure its a complete stop or a temporary one ). There were lot of controversies when DMK implemented this two years back. But still they formed a committee with a group of experienced educationalists. They came up with a system which comprises both state board and matriculation syllabus. It was apposed by almost all the matric schools and most of the government school staffs.

The truth behind the things is…the syllabus is a good one…but its little low for Matric schools and TOOOO high for government school children ( TEACHERS). Without making any alterations in the implementation system in the government schools…the old DMK govt. implemented the system. But now the same thing is canceled by present government. I’m not sure about they did it for a good cause…or for a revenge sort of thing (cheap politics). But its time to stop this temporarily and get started with a extraordinary implementation system. Without a good implementation system…there will be lot of drop outs from the school…after 8th standard.

Lot to go…and lot to see…! Lets wish that atleast this government makes some considerable progress in Government school education. Both in terms of education and infrastructure.

WordPress says Wow to me..!

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God’s Little Girl…!

She has a little dream of her own. Her life is strife with conflicts but it doesn’t take much to put a smile on her face. She is your mother, your sister and your daughter. She is Kannama. She waits in the shadows, waiting to be rescued. Support the girl child.

Support the Kannama project. – words cited in the website “http://www.nalandaway.org/kannama/”.

ICare is a initiative by Isoft (S/w company) along with Nalandaway (NGO) to support deserved girl children who really needs some care and attention. They organize some contest to express about this initiative etc., Got to see a video from a employee of Isoft called Tathheer Fathima…I’m really impressed with the simple and powerful words of her….! Here it is visual and written….!

Title  : God’s little Girl…
Its a dialog between the little girl and God

” why did you make me a girl dear god..?
is it so i can suffer this pain  , feel unwanted and unwelcomed all my life
my only solace in tears that rain…!

why did you make me a girl dear god..?
is it bcos u love me less…!
i try so hard to please the world but they crush my mind to mess..!

why did you make me a girl dear god..
is it so i can be a slave…
no books no toys all work no play a bit of love is what i crave…!

And god would say in a troubled  voice…

MY child it is not my wish…
u are my most precious creation.. alas man is so selfish…!

i made u a girl…so u would give joy with your lovely smiling charm..
i made u a girl…so u would bring peace and stop the fighting arms
i made u a girl...so u would be strong and take care of your own
i made u a girl…so full of love with music in your tone…

a sister ..mother ..wife and friend …I wanted u to be..

without u they cannot live…soon man kind will see….!”

True words and well written. Especially the last wight lines…! Anyways its happy to see lots of awareness in the current generation ppl. Hats off to Nalandaway …!

Cofee with Kamal Hasan…!

Got to watch Actor Kamal Hasan’s interview in my fav. show “Cofee with Anu” for this diwali…! Excellent interview with unusual questions…! He finished his interview with his poet….excellent one…! Attached the video also…!

கிரகனாதி கிரகனங்கட்பாலுமே ஒரு
அசகாய சக்தி உண்டாம்
ஆளுக்கு ஆளொரு பொளிப்பிறை கிரிக்கியும்
…யாருக்கும் விளங்காததாம்
அதை பயின்று அதை உணர்ந்து அதை துதிப்பதுவன்றி
விரிதேதும் வழி இல்லையாம்
நாம் செய்த வினையெல்லாம் முன்செய்தது என்றது
விதி ஒன்று செயவித்ததாம்
அதை வெல்ல முனைவோரை சதி கூட செய்தது
அன்போடு ஊழ் சேர்க்குமாம்
குருடாக செவிடாக மலடாக முடமாக
கருசேற்கும் திருமூலமாம்
குஷ்ட துஷ்யம் புற்று சூலை மூலம்
என்றக்ரூரங்கள் அதன் சித்தமாம்
புண்ணில் வாழும் புழு புண்ணியம் செய்திடில்
புது சென்மம் தந்தருளுமாம்
கோடிக்கு ஈஸ்வரர்கள் பெரிதாக வருந்தாமல்
சோதித்து கதி சேர்க்குமாம்
ஏழைக்கு வருதுயரை வேடிக்கை பார்பததன்
வாடிக்கை விளையாடலாம்
நேர்கின்ற நேர்வலாம் நேர்விக்கும் நாயகம்
போர்கூட அதனின் செயலாம்
பரணிகள் போற்றிடும் உயிர்கொல்லி மன்னர்க்கு
தரணி தந்து அது காக்குமாம்
நானூறு லட்சத்தில் ஒரு விந்தை உயிர் தேற்றி
அள்குளின் சினை சேர்க்குமாம் அசுரரை பிளந்ததுபோல் அணுவையும் பிளந்தது
அணுகுண்டு செய்வித்ததும்
பரதேசம் வாழ்கின்ற அப்பாவி மனிதரை
பலகாரம் செய்துண்டதும்
பிள்ளையின் கரியுண்டு நம்பினார்கருளிடும்
பரிவான பரப்ரம்மமே
உற்றாரும் உறவினரும் கற்று கற்பித்தவரும்
உளமாறு தொளுசக்தியை
மற்றவர் வையுபயம்கொண்டு நீ போற்றிடு
அற்றதை உண்டென்றுகொள்
ஆகமக்குலம் மூழ்கி மும்மலம் கழி
அறிவை ஆதிக்க சலவையும் செய்
கொட்டடித்து போற்று மணியடித்து போற்று
கற்பூர ஆரத்தியை
தையாட ஊசியில் தையென தந்தபின்
தக்கதை தையாதிறு
உய்திடும் மெய்வழி உதாசீனத்தபின்
னைவதேநென்றனின் நை

Perfect words….right into  the head message…!Hats off to KAMAL.

None of us are Free


Is a phrase that truly defines the drive behind all our activism and cause work because the simple truth is that while there are still citizens of the world in bondage, none of us can lead free, contended LIVES  – “Jamis Catto

Read this long time back.  What else to say….perfect phrase and I agree with this totally.