where are the engineers ?

“And somewhere there are engineers
Helping others fly faster than sound.
But, where are the engineers
Helping those who must live on the ground?”
—   Young Oxfam Poster

“And somewhere there are engineers

Helping others fly faster than sound.

But, where are the engineers

Helping those who must live on the ground?”

—   Young Oxfam Poster

Read this in a website and just impressed with the quote. A true one…where are the engineers ?


SHIFT+DEL for the bad memories…!

Atlast here it is …. “A drug to banish bad memories“. Yet another high profie research by few human brains. The new Pill Is Likely To Remove Unhappy Or Embarrassing Memories In Life. I was bit schoked and surprised when I read it in the TOI news paper this morning.

source: TOI 14-09-09 edition

Apart from thinking on the pros and cons fo the drug….one thing I can say, the man/company who is gonna get pattent for this will be the richest in this universe. Sure this drug will get such a demand…!

The modern research trend which works beyond and against the nature may lead this world as  shown in sci-fi movies. Simply making man a machine.

Just set it free…!

Recently read a article about OBSESSIVE Lovers. It was interesting and a must read thing to all,

Many of us at some point or the other have had to deal with the attentions of obsessive lovers or over-possessive, needy friends.Experience tells us that this trait, if not nipped at the bud can become dark and murky.

Love is defined as a strong bond between two people. And when that is threatened (imaginatively or really), the person becomes possessive, obsessive and paranoid to save their bond. This could just as well happen between friends, parent and child, as with lovers.


People with low self image and confidence generally become obsessive in their relationships.

Early childhood experiences also play a big role in determining how one behaves in his relationships later.Over critical parents who constantly keep rejecting their child, scar them for life.

As adults, when they get into their first relationship, they find acceptance, but eventually become possessive,if that bond is threatened in anyway.

A series of failed relationships can also lead to an obsessive personality.They grow out to be insecure individuals who fear being ditched repeatedly.

There are some obsessive lovers who turn out to be sadistic. They can even go to the extent of harming the person. Such people usually suffer from psychopathic or anti-social tendencies.


  • You cannot forget the existence of that person in your life
  • You alter your schedule constantly to check where they are hanging out
  • You constantly need to check your lover’s phone history, email and text messages
  • You follow them everywhere and question them time and again about their whereabouts or who they are talking to.
  • You start fretting if your lover’s phone is engaged for sometime


  • If you realize that you are unable to control your impulses, seek professional help immediately
  • Try to disconnect yourself with the person completely by cutting all links
  • Gather support from your family and friends.Ask them to help you stay away from the person you are obsessed with
  • Tell yourself that eventually you will get someone better.
  • Call the police as early as possible
  • If the stalker is an ex, who threatens to show the world your personal pictures, letters, cards, do not feel scared. Chances are that they may be just empty threats.

The above is the edited version of an article from TOI news paper.

Just set it free...!

Just set it free...!

Honestly speaking I was a obsessive lover at one(three) point of time. Those are the bad patches of my life and of-course for the opponent also . There may be several reasons for being a obsessive lover but still its not good for a happy life either side. Its good that I have learnt quickly from the lessons (bad experiences) and not went to a worse level of obsessive.

In the past two years I can see great differences in me for not being obsessive and getting used to handle things. Thanks for all the introspection and to all the so called closed ones I missed.

Just simply …”If u love something …just set it free…!“.

“Halwa every day at the aanganwadi”

Halwa every day at the aanganwadi“. This was the answer given by a kid when she was asked about her wish. Her name was Asha , a seven year old girl who was/is begging outside the Palace of Rani Roopmati in Mandu, a popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh with 48 historical monuments and an ancient love story.

Asha chatted away about her life. No, she goes to school only in afternoon and only for mi day meals , doesn’t know what ice-cream is and has not watched a film in a theater. She giggles at the name of Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar, but can’t recall the name of a single film. She still begs around the monuments because foreign tourists give her good goolis (toys), pens, money and chocolates.

Everyday at noon, she stands in the queue at the aanganwadi for the mid-day meal. “They give us dalia, roti-sabji (roti and vegetables) and halwa (a sweet dish) once a week,’’ she says, waving flies away from a face covered with fungal infection. “I go for the food but don’t like school.’’ Asha dreams of having halwa everyday.

Asha - a responsible kid

Asha - a responsible kid

This little girl has practically taken charge of her own life. Her mother goes to earn a living while the father drinks all day long. She knows the exact time when to go to the aanganwadi for her lunch and then begs for that extra something she gets from tourists. A responsible kid. 🙂

This would be the status of almost all the kids begging in front of temples , tourist places etc., What would be the reason for these things…may be the irresponsible parents , irresponsible society, economy of the district, poor politics etc., but whatever may be the reason..finally the kid was affected and the hole childhood was ruined and the childishness was destroyed.

I don’t want these kids to become a doctor, scientist , IAS officer etc., but still wanted their childhood back to them and the childishness to be with them at this age. Let them fight with the life or struggle with life at the certain age and not at this age.

Only Few things affects my mind in deep. One among those is child labor/begging. Working closely on this issue to give back the childhood at least for few kids. Hope for the best.

ps:- source from Times of India , 12th July 2009 ed.

Will you be Remembered ?

Got to read an article about the speech given by  Dr.Kalam  to 2007 batch IAS trainees at Mussoorie. Here goes the direct points from him…..

  • I visualize a scene “What the IAS officers of 2007 batch will be remembered for?” Will you be remembered for a visionary action for the nation?
  • Will you be remembered for revitalizing or revolutionizing in your district, the integrated Primary Health care  Centre as a Public-private-partnership?
  • Will you be remembered for working and creating a scheme in partnership with agriculture research institutes, extension workers and farmers for doubling output of food-grains in your district and thereby increasing the per capita income of each of the farmers?
  • Will you be remembered for ensuring that dropout from schools in your district reaches virtually to zero through your innovative actions?
  • Will you be remembered for making your district a fossil fuel free district? That means, villages in your district will transformed into bio-wind-solar villages.
  • Will you be remembered for establishing number of PURA complexes (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) in your district? This will provide physical, electronic and knowledge connectivity leading to economic connectivity that is enhanced earning capacity of the rural citizens.

A perfect and meaning full content I have read in recent times. I wish every IAS officers should be remembered at-least for one of the above said points.

Good to see a social evolution….!

Another milestone in India and yet another step towards globalization. Its about the 149 year old law enacted by British, the section 377 of IPC. Delhi HC says that IPC sec 377 can be rechecked and altered. And it legalizes some part of the sections.

IPC 377 deals with the sexual minority peoples and its time for them to celebrate with the high court announced some of the sections in that was legal. Hope this may reduce the scope of their harassment and it may also reduce the social stigma.

its time to smile..let us respect the feelings

its time to smile..let us respect the feelings

And finally nice to see more positive responses today all over India. Through media  most of the celebrities and social icons expressed their happiness about this.This is a good sign of respecting every ones feeling.

And that too ours is a country that says talking, thinking about this is a sin. But after all its  just a Physiological matter of a individual and its not a matter of mental illness.Hats off to the NGO NAZ for fighting in this issue since 2001 along with other NGO’s.Finally their hard work for paid off. And hope the proceedings will be applied to all over India and not only to Delhi.

No one has rights to restrict their feelings.Lets respect their space and leave a room for them to live their life.