Preserving Childhood Happiness…!

Just in the completion stages  of the long time pending dream project. Its all about CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (CSA). When it comes to social initiative (  duty ) I (We through Blossom) always thought of doing something on Education and Child Abuse ( sexual , verbal, physical ). Working on Education is the easiest one when compared to creating awareness on CSA. I always found it hard to implement and plan for this project.

It just got postponed for several reasons..some times due to lack of ppl, lack of awareness on how and where to start, most times on what to start etc., But Last year by this time….sort of managed to get into it and got a starting point about where to start and what to deal about. Since already few NGO’s are concentrating on the general CSA, we thought of dealing with the modern worlds CSA through Online (internet) and other communication devices. With the help of three of my friends, last year we managed to give a start. And due to some reasons..the works were stopped for several months. Atlast now we are reworking on this …and almost done. This time we will never miss it…and the awareness website will be launched in a day or two.

Creating Awareness on Child Sexual Abuse

Surely this time we will make it big and will create awareness in as many as ppl. And we will be a part in saving the children’s precious childhood memories…! Will update you soon on this…! Really excited to see the website in action. Just watch out for this space ““. Will be updated in a day or two.

ps: Blossom is a NGO, working towards the welfare of the society. Blossom mainly involved in Rural Education. Watch Your Kids is yet another initiative of Blossom, towards creating awareness on Child Sexual Abuse through Internet.

In the name of the Culture…!

Talibanisation of India – this is what I can say about the incident (attacking girls/public in a pub) happened and happening in Mangalore, Karnataka done by Sri Rama Sena group. They did all these in the name of protecting Indian culture. I don’t understand who gave the braveness to do these moral policing activities against the society. Who are they to force some thing into the common public. Not only this incident for the past few years they were involved in such activities all over the India (Vandalising M.F. Husain’s paintings, numerous attacks on the churches in karnataka, attacked various fashion shows,malegaon blasts,etc,etc, )by joining hands with other few Hindu groups.

They do all these things in the name of culture and religion. In my perception, culture is not a thing to be imposed and its a thing of adaption and acceptance. One cannot force the others to follow a culture.And what do these peoples think of culture? Do they think that the women’s dressing,boozing,dating,pubs is the only thing spoils the so called culture of India ? Then all these peoples are making India still a male dominated country.

What we say glamour dress-that was our dressing tradition several years back, what you say as boozing was there in India all over these years,what you say pubs was there in all the Kingdoms of India in the name of “anthapuram/kelikai koodam”.,etc., All the above given things were part of our culture. At some stage it was hidden and portrayed as spoilers because peopels started misused it. ok things apart…this is such a big topic to discuss.

Is this a beginning ...?

Is this a beginning ...?

Still I respect all these groups like Ram sena,shiv sena,VHP etc., for their unconditional love and care on India and its culture. But before that I wish to say that ..please take a look at you family and friends ..still there are lots of spoilers around you. Check the internet connection in your house and see how many porn sites were visited…check the mobile phones of your kids and friends and see the unlimited conversations with the so called boyfriends/girl friends, follow your kids on the weekends and check with whom they were roaming and what they are doing, and before that look back at your school days and college days ….! .First deal with these issues and then come to public’s.  And if everything was OK..then come to the public….!“Whoever is sinless, let him throw stones to the whore”.This was said in a religion’s holy book.

And this is not the right way to protect the so called spoiling culture …and this won’t give you any solution. Still there are lot more issues to deal with…lets think on that.  Let people choose the culture and the way of living. Life is for every one ….and it is not divided for men and women separately. They have equal rights to live.

Moral policing may deal with the public newsense but not with the public’s sense. No one has rights to restrict individuals rights in the name of culture and religion. Please no Talibanisation in India…! Lets people select thier life style….! And afterall all these things are part of globalaization and you cannot control few things.