Its time to celebrate :) :) :)…!

As expected its a Baby Girl for my Brother. Today evening (Oct 11th 2011) our family has been blessed with a Baby Girl. Really everyone is very happy and excited. As everyone expected its a baby girl. Oct 11 gonna be the biggest ever day in our family….first baby…that too a girl baby. 🙂

Starting to native in another two hours and very excited to see the lil n most luckiest princes in this universe. Really its like a celebration….! Our mom n dad will be more happy…! Best wishes to my brother and he is most luckiest to have the first baby and that too a girl baby. I always believe that nice ppl get nice things. Thanks for all the good n loving hearts for wishing good health for mom n child. Both mom n baby are in good health.

We all are BLESSED.

Heaven is in a reachable distance …! (for me)

Oct 02 ‘ 2008 – The day was really wonderful. Got to met my Little wonder after 3 weeks. In the past two years this was the longest duration I haven’t met her. For me Sundays are for her. It’s like being in a heaven when being with her.

A 3 year old kid came to me and said ” Innaiku Ghandhi thaathku Happy Birthday” . Started from then , we started running , rolling , fighting , singing, playing etc , etc.,  My little wonder always find a comfortable place in my shoulders.She become more talkative nowadays. At times couldn’t able to answer her questions. Had non stop playing for hours and I am soo tired. Just made them to sleep after lunch. And another school going kid (Kinder garden) came to me and we were chatting some serious issues about her class friends and teacher (miss) and complaints about them.

Another kid chatting with me and asking me to stay there . I asked her I have no dresses to change and food to eat. Suddenly she went to another room and took a small shirt and gave that to me and said that “u take this and I will give u food afterwords “. I couldn’t control laughing. So chweeet …!

Really I’m gifted to be there with them. Wish the happiniess should be continued. With lashings of Love wish them the perpertual hapinesss and health.