The Best Thing About You Is You!

This post is simply about a girl and I have a reason to write about her today. Few tiny things about her……

A girl who can live as herself always…!

A girl who celebrates her womanhood…!

A girl who wants to smile and keep everyone smiling all the time…!

A girl who wants to smile or laugh loud for no reason…!

A girl who cries instantly for no/tiny reasons…!

A girl who express herself in all possible ways…!

A girl who never interferes others way of doing thing…!

A girl who always gives respect to everything in this world…!

A girl who loves to be loved always…!

A girl longing for care and affection …!

A girl who loves kids to the core…!

A girl who is bold and intelligent enough to excel in her career…!

A girl who is very much innocent in her own ways…!

A girl who always wanted to be simple and take life simple….!

A girl who never wanted to be questioned more…!

A girl who is inspired by his dad throughout her life…!

A girl who is chosen by a right guy at the right time….!

A girl who is gonna live life to the fullest as she expected…!

This girl faced lots n lots of hiccups in her life’s journey….few due to the parenting mistakes and few by herself…! Might be life was  not as much smooth to her as she expected for all these years..! But I am sure her future is in safe hands…the guy who has chosen this girl will take care and spread happiness throughout her life.

And for a girl who deserves a lot….the guy with her will make the things happen to her as she expected.Making her happy is not onesided,,,in turn she will make everything happy around her..! Lucky Guy and Lucky Girl.

The right guy is none other than me …yeah IT’s ME :)….and the right girl is my friend, my fiance…my girl…it is Padma Malini. :). Happy to be with her….life has changed lot and keep changing a lot..! Thanks for my girl for making things happening around me…! You deserve a lot….and I will make things happen around you.

And the most beautiful thing is …Its her BIRTHDAY TODAY. (may 13th). Many more happy returns to my girl….! Happy for you…and happy life together….!  Happy B’day Padma….I LOVE YOU. Happy living together as always.

Its true that…“The Best Thing About You Is You! “

The day that is always special…!

Aug 20th 2010, yet another BIG day..sorry One of my Biggest day ever. There are two main reasons for this, My b’day & another reason you can see it in next post. The day (12.00 am)started with a Choco ruffle cake along with realtime B’day music (from a professional keyboard, and a well trained guy) and continued with a music from Tamil movie (Vaarayoo from Ayan). Its a surprise one and it happened bcos of BalaG (thanks buddy).

Continued with another cake (black forest ma fav., one) from ma roommates and few other friends. The next day was little bit occupied with phone calls from friends , a important moment in morning and a little tr8 from my side in the evening.Guys around me made my day wonderful as usual (mannie, maddy, kamlaseh, ashok added more flavors to my day). Finally the day ended with lots of positive notes and I felt lil bit odd because of some responsibilities. But totally it was a wonderful day bcos of my friends. Thanks for every one.

Years were there I usually count on my b’day wishes..more wishes gave more happiness to me. I know its a  bad habit of counting the number of wishes and I know its silly too. Thanks for some of the lessons I learnt in the past, For the past few years I was not into counting, but still I’m more happy then the previous. Everyone has their own priority list and I should not expect every time I should be in the list of everyone. so no hard feelings for the missed wishes. May be I felt like missing  few friends presence or wishes (really missed my doll’s presence and few others wishes) but its not hurting. I can understand, its all about accepting things.

But as usual , still I feel younger as years pass by. All my friends make me feel younger and thanks to ma loving friends. I wish myself a happy year and to make my dreams into reality. I promise to make more smiles in the deserving lives, to protect the Mother Earth in my possible ways, to make my parents happy, to make a big and lucrative move in my professional and social life.

Birthday to My dear Dream…!

Oct 11, its a day to celebrate. Three beautiful year has been over and  we are stepping into 4th successful year. Yeah its BLOSSOM’s BIRTHDAY and simply we call it as B Day. Really happy to pen this post. Every year is a new challenge and we are looking forward for a brand new 4th year with lots of hopes and dreams.

And speaking about last years progress, we have to accept that we are not satisfied with the Priyamudan & h.A.A.r.t projects. We haven’t done any thing new. We just continued what we have  committed already. But in the QUEST project we can say that its a great year. We made lots of progress and seen some wonderful response from the students. Lack of progress in other projects are due to reduced  funds and volunteers. Recession played a good role in funds flow. At one stage we were badly hit due to funds. Anyways managed to proceed with some of our guys from US.

Setbacks are always there..but with all the supporting hearts and encouraging words we step towards the brand new 4th year. We never dream without putting proper hard work. Have lots of plans for this year. Wish to bloom in more lives to bring smiles and shines. Together we can…together we should…! BLOSSOM – lets bring it…!

Lashings of thanks for all kind hears and encouraging words all over the year. Thanks for believing us and thanks for being and making us socially responsible. Thanks for being with us in the worst situations…! Without you this B Day would have been meaningless.

Finally ..hearty wishes to our dream and our vision – BLOSSOM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Birthday to my DREAM, my VISION (Blossom)

Birthday to my DREAM, my VISION (Blossom)

ps:- BLOSSOM – is a social welfare organization. QUEST , Priyamudan &  h.A.A.r.T are the projects of Blossom.

Oct 11th – we registered our dream and named it…!

This day mean a lot to me and One of the moooooooost wonderful day in my life. Two years back, this day was the starting date of my journey towards the so called destiny . This day gave a physical/visual shape to our thoughts.This was the day we officially announced a name for our dreams and the date we registered our dreams. And its Blossom’s birth date.

Happy Birthday Blossom.

We are a team of eight like-minded peoples decided to go for a formal registration and made it. Blossom was formed and registered on Oct 11th of 2006. We gathered our dreams and finally consolidated it…the result was we got the Vision of Blossom.Then the core team set the mission and started working on it. Here ends the brief story on Blossom’s birth.

Today Blossom with its own style, bloomed in few lives as smiles and happiness. I whole heartedly thank the God Fathers and back bones of Blossom (mari and mohan). Without them nothing would have happened. Now blossom has its own fans (members) and it’s growing daily.Hearty thanks to all the friends and members for their continued support and encouragement.Without them Blossom birth date would be meaningless.

Very few in this world will get a chance of living with their dreams and to feel the dreams. And we are few among the few. Really we are lucky.Along with Blossom we are in right path and still a long way to go. With lashings of wishes and kisses, we wish Blossom to bloom in more lives and this perpetual happiness to be continued to all.

Happy B’day Blossom. U mean a lot in my life.

my best b’day gift ever …!

This birthday was best for me bcos of the best B’day gift I ever got. It’s a original movie DVD of taare zameeN Par. The DVD pack was really wonderful…with lots of surprises.After opening the pack , I was more surprised to see the contents inside the pack.It has the following,

TzP Movie DVD with director’s commentary – aamir personally talks to us on his debut film,
panel discussion on children – discusses with experts,
Exclusive prints – of Ishaan’s final painting and Nikumbh’s final painting,
ishaan’s flip book(magic book) – for us to keep,
dvd with deleted scenes – aamer talks to us through the scenes which didn’t make it to the film,
making of TZP – a chance to go behind the scenes and witness how the film was made,
extra futures – promos ,
trailers, stills and a background score audio CD
finally a pencil and a small note book.

Ishaan - tAAre zameeN Par

Ishaan - tAAre zameeN Par

The making of TZP went around for 1hour 02 mins and 17 secs and totally I was totally tied up and each and every thing is interesting. Really wonder at the team work , amirs commitment and interest. We can see a director rather than a actor.His works behind the scenes are amazing.They revealed most of the complications they faced and comments of others on making this movie. Darsheel took all the sweet words from every one and every one praised him to the core.

Most of the deleted scenes were really nice and they have been removed due to the length constraint of the movie.Directors commentary was extraordinary .The paintings inside the pack was awesome…i never expected this one and I wonder at the ……’s brilliant creativity.Amole Gupta , the writer & Creative director of this movie also deserve to take the credits.The works on animations , VFX and CGI were also shown in the dvd.The music discussion and composing of music in the aamir’s (controversial) Panchgani house were also shown in DVD.No more words to explain …every thing in the DVD pack is excellent and really worth buying it (available in all leading music shops).Thanks again  to Aamir, Amole Gupta and the total team. Hats off to u all.

Few interesting info on TzP,

HIGH JUMP – this was the initial name selected for TzP.

Claymation – title animation was done using a new tech. called Claymation, which is like using clay for illustrations of the images and other things and then will be converted to animation. This is first of kind in Indian movies.

It’s my best B’day gift in my life, not only bcos of TZP and also bcos of the person who gave this gift to me. And for no surprises its me…! 🙂 I bought this as my B’day gift.

August 20th – Just another (beautiful) day…!

Today August 20, this is the so called special day for me. This date has an importance in my life. I have lots of reasons to say why I like this day very much and on the other side I have few things to say why I still hate this date.

On the positive side , this date is the root cause of everything in me. This date is the cause of my so called happiness , worries ,achievements and failures. This date gave me the so called beautiful Life. After all these years I have learnt to take this day a another usual day in my Life.

yes …. August 20 of every year is my B’day.  🙂

Ps:- After I pulished this post , I have noticed that in the categories list I have selected the following ,

Life is beautifulA day to remember , A day to forget , Another day in my life , thoughts on my day

its a coincidence , but really Interesting …!

The King maker …!

This is August, My most favorite month of every year. August is a month of happiness and celebrations for me. I born in August month and lots of my friends birthdays comes in August.

From my childhood I had a good impression and special attention on August month, it was because I my school days some one said that August is a month of King makers. Peoples with ruling capability mostly born in August. I don’t know who said that to me , from that day onwards August was special to me.

But nowadays i know that August has nothing special except my birthday and my friends birthdays . August also has Friendship day, Rakshabandan. Now I realise that August is a month of Expenses (gifts, cards etc.,) 🙂 . Anyways still I have the same impression on August – The King Maker Month .

I felt different …!

The day was different yesterday. I felt it different. As usual a sleep less wake up in the morning due to stupid dreams, got to see my small wonder in the morning, given explanations related to a issue directly to my boss, forgot my best buddy’s birthday .

I was never been like this. I had never(hardly) forgotten my loved ones birthdays. It may be a boy or a girl. I am little bit good in celebrating others birthday.I felt bad when she called up and remembered me about her birthday. But Arranged a party/treat (sort of) in the evening.Not a well planned one. A party with no surprises and no different things. It’s not the way I celebrate birthdays of others.She deserves more than this.I don’t know why my mind was messed up like this. I remember…I also forgot saami’s birthday , Rajesh’s birthday last year and this year too !, and few others.I feel bad about this.

It’s true that I wish to have some changes in me …but not these kind of changes. I wish to be back again to give my friends their life’s merriest moments and surprises on their special day.

Lot’s of good days to come…!