1,2,3….and its 50000 now…!

Really for me the number 50000 is a bigger one….Happy for that. Yes today my Blog completed its 50000 clicks. Its really a long journey …and happy to reach 50K clicks. Just in a eager to know about my 50000th reader. Let see…! Thanks for all..!


crossed 2000 …!

My blog has crossed 2000 visitors. Just yesterday this was happened. Its encouraging to see more hearts reading our writings/scribblings. It doesn’t mean that I am a good writer or good in writing. It means that peoples are interested in reading and they are good readers. (good readers will read good things…so obliviously my writings should be good ….isn’t it 🙂 ..ha ha… do u feel i am diplomatic ? 😉 ).

Thanks for all the hearts and eyes for visiting my page regularly/occasionally. I wish I should continue writing and wish to share more thoughts.