Happy writing as always…!

Almost after 6 months time I am back here to share things out….! Since every stupid things has a valid reason….I just ignore the reason for not keeping my blog active. But seriously I missed this space on every important moments. Anyways now….I am very happy to be here again. Really lots and lots of things happened in the past 6 months. Very eager and very very happy to start sharing things in my most lovable space ( Casanova – my blog ) . Shortly will keep posted with my life changing experiences, new person , new way of Living, new experience, judgement, growth etc.,

Thanks to my fav reader of my Blog and first fan of my writing ( he he …..this is true..) for insisting me continuously to keep my blog active. Anyways I am here…just for me and just for her….! Happy writing as always…!

Happy list in 5 minutes

Just wanted to write about the things that makes me happy. There are lot to mention but I set a time of 5 mins and I write in instantly.

Now the time is 11.35 pm and I start writing here,

1. Babies,


3. Ice creams,

4. Moon,

5. Cinderellas (3),

6. Our new home,

7. My sister (g3),

8. Reshma (my little wonder).

9. RX-100 my bike (black cheetah).

10. Rain.

11. Forest and mountains.

12. fun-fighting with the so called close friends.

13. My blog (Casanova).

14. Idly (south Indian dish)

15. sex.

16. Blossom (NGO).

17. A.R.Rahman songs.

18. Rajini & surya movies.

19. water falls.

20. thrill rides in theme park.

I stop here..the time is 11.40 pm.

sathish lfe

Some of my happiness in image...!

Its really interesting….The order may vary but there are lot more to be listed (i hope so). My life was/is beautiful with all the above mentioned things and some other left. I can feel the inner happiness when I have the above mentioned things. In one way or other all these things helped me a lot to come out of my so called problems/hurdles.While writing these paragraph lots of things comes into my mind for mentioning in the above list…!

I feel lucky to be happy with lot of things. Thanks for all these things for making my life beautiful and acting as a escaping factor from the crucial moments.