Its time to celebrate :) :) :)…!

As expected its a Baby Girl for my Brother. Today evening (Oct 11th 2011) our family has been blessed with a Baby Girl. Really everyone is very happy and excited. As everyone expected its a baby girl. Oct 11 gonna be the biggest ever day in our family….first baby…that too a girl baby. ūüôā

Starting to native in another two hours and very excited to see the lil n most luckiest princes in this universe. Really its like a celebration….! Our mom n dad will be more happy…! Best wishes to my brother and he is most luckiest to have the first baby and that too a girl baby. I always believe that nice ppl get nice things. Thanks for all the good n loving hearts for wishing good health for mom n child. Both mom n baby are in good health.

We all are BLESSED.

The day that is always special…!

Aug 20th 2010, yet another BIG day..sorry One of my Biggest day ever. There are two main reasons for this, My b’day & another reason you can see it in next post. The day (12.00 am)started with a Choco¬†ruffle¬†cake along with realtime B’day music (from a professional keyboard, and a well trained guy) and continued with a music from Tamil movie (Vaarayoo from Ayan). Its a surprise one and it happened bcos of BalaG (thanks buddy).

Continued with another cake (black forest ma fav., one) from ma roommates and few other friends. The next day was little bit occupied with phone calls from friends , a important moment in morning and a little tr8 from my side in the evening.Guys around me made my day wonderful as usual (mannie, maddy, kamlaseh, ashok added more flavors to my day). Finally the day ended with lots of positive notes and I felt lil bit odd because of some responsibilities. But totally it was a wonderful day bcos of my friends. Thanks for every one.

Years were there I usually count on my b’day wishes..more wishes gave more happiness to me. I know its a ¬†bad habit of counting the number of wishes and I know its silly too. Thanks for some of the lessons I learnt in the past, For the past few years I was not into counting, but still I’m more happy then the previous. Everyone has their own priority list and I should not expect¬†every time I should be in the list of everyone. so no hard feelings for the missed wishes. May be I felt like missing ¬†few friends¬†presence¬†or wishes (really missed my doll’s¬†presence¬†and few others wishes)¬†but its not hurting. I can understand, its all about accepting things.

But as usual , still I feel younger as years pass by. All my friends make me feel younger and thanks to ma loving friends. I wish myself a happy year and to make my dreams into reality. I promise to make more smiles in the deserving lives, to protect the Mother Earth in my possible ways, to make my parents happy, to make a big and lucrative move in my professional and social life.