Food of Gods…!

Do you really want to know about the food of God’s? I want you to take this exotic journey by clicking this link Food of Gods. It’s all about the India’s first fine dark chocolate from cadbury’s Bournville.

Tasting a Bournville dark chocolate would be really a sweet experience for the chocolate lovers and make the other peoples to love chocolates. There are four flavors (Rich Cocoa,Raisin&Nut,Almond,Hazel Nut). All the flavors are great and you will go for another once you have tasted one.I tasted three of the flavors and I looooove the dark chocolates.

Food of Gods

Food of Gods

And coming to the journey of chocolates in Bournville website , really it was a good experience to know about the making of dark chocolates.The creativity was at its peak.And check the page called “how to savour” in the website. They have explained how to eat the chocolates. Reading that will urge you to get one and taste it. The good part is some research says that dark chocolates are good to health (heart). So happy journey of chocolates…!

Bournville – you have not just bought Earn it. Taste and enjoy the “Food of Gods“.

A brand new END.

Year 2008, an awful year of lessons and experiences.2008 year has a different meaning in my life and will occupy a important page in my life book. It may not be the glittering page,but a page behind the glittering page.

As everything has another side of it, the pains gave me the strength to tackle things (more pain more gain), the lessons I learnt and the results I got made me to handle life in different dimensions, the experiences are priceless which shown me lots of realities. Thanks for 2008.

The so called beloved friends, my journeys,lots of babies,flowers,Sathyam cinemas,English movies,songs n music,vaaranam aayeram,meaningful progress in Blossom,the perfect strangers,Cinderellas,tAAre zameeN Par, my bike(Rx-100),ISHA,my sister,my blog,my small wonder(Reshma),The Moon,bourbon biscuits,Chocolates,ice creams,etc., All the above mentioned made my year merrier and left more pleasant memories. Thanks for everyone.

By forgetting all the sulky days and all the hiccups, I am ready hear to face a brand new extraordinary new day along with a new year 2009. Yet another bunch of 365 days with lots of surprises are awaiting. Life is beautiful when I treat every day as a new day.So lets pack the merrier moments and leave the untidy moments and move towards the 2009.

Happy New Year - 2009

Happy New Year - 2009

Thanks for Everything….Good bye 2008 .

Wishing you all a stupendous new year filled with good health and happiness.