Its not about the so called culture and tradition…!

Got to watch the  Tamil movie – Vamsam in theater few days back. As  I was much impressed with the director Pandiraj’s previous movie “pasanga”, my expectations was lil bit high. And the review in Ananda vikadan – a Tamil weekly magazine also added more expectations into me.  While watching the movie I was lil bit disappointed with a usual village subject with normal stuffs. But the efforts were good and cleanly displayed. The second half of the movie is good, especially Jayaprakash and Kishore’s performance were extraordinary.

But I feel, director Pandiraj can do much more than this.I feel these kind of subjects need a good music.  But this movie failed to impress with the music. But one thing I hate with this move , not only with this movie and with all other movies is when it was about a particular caste system. Told positive or negative, but it creates impact on common people. Cinema is not only a entertainment media for most ppl, it travels beyond that. It gets into many lives and hearts an a  sensitive media too.

This generation doesn’t need the things related to caste system and the stories related to that. It will create a impact on this generation too. We don’t want to see a caste based division and discrimination again with our generation. And we need our next generation without caste system existence. I’m aware that these caste and subdivision are created with some good reason, but all the ex-generation gentlemen spoiled those values and now it is carried with different note and intention. And with the rapidly changing in the attitude of the living style , these things doesn’t mean much. So better to avoid to deal it detail in the movies.

Coming to this film Vamsam, the movie deals with a south region caste and portrayed the so called tradition and culture. The worst part is , few of my friends being a good critic , they like this movie and praised this movie blindly with no reason. I wondered why it was…then while discussing  to them in detail, I  came to know that they are from the same caste and region and they feel proud about this. I’m not finding a fault in them. Because movies is not only a entertainment , it also creates impacts. What we say culture and tradition in movies are not actually. Things were created for good cause and later it has been used for different cause.

Lets create a new caste & religion  free world for our next modern generation. Wish every director should have some social responsibility.

ps: about the movie is afterall my views and not review. Perception varies…just expressed my views.

Happy Women’s Day…!

It’s March 8, Women’s Day. Happy women’s day for all the women in this universe. No matter what it is ..I always believe that WOMEN = World fOMEN &  SHE = Source of Human Existence.

I always felt that the women’s around me (females I have known) were not living their life as they wish. One way or another way they are restricted. Sometimes it was self restriction, sometimes in the name of culture, sometime in the name of emotions, most times in the name of love, some times in the name of responsibility, some times in the name of motherliness, sometimes in the name of physic. Knowingly or unknowingly the male domination was gone deeply into every minds. Sure it will take decades to change this situation.

I’m happy tat , in the recent times I have met very few women who live their life (better than other females I have met) fully. Very happy to see her and be a friend of her. I call her as “Mannie”…my new friend known for past 10 months. I can say she is a happy WOMEN . Special wishes to dear Mannie.  Learnt a lot from her…! Wish I could see more females in my life as a happy WOMEN.

In the name of the Culture…!

Talibanisation of India – this is what I can say about the incident (attacking girls/public in a pub) happened and happening in Mangalore, Karnataka done by Sri Rama Sena group. They did all these in the name of protecting Indian culture. I don’t understand who gave the braveness to do these moral policing activities against the society. Who are they to force some thing into the common public. Not only this incident for the past few years they were involved in such activities all over the India (Vandalising M.F. Husain’s paintings, numerous attacks on the churches in karnataka, attacked various fashion shows,malegaon blasts,etc,etc, )by joining hands with other few Hindu groups.

They do all these things in the name of culture and religion. In my perception, culture is not a thing to be imposed and its a thing of adaption and acceptance. One cannot force the others to follow a culture.And what do these peoples think of culture? Do they think that the women’s dressing,boozing,dating,pubs is the only thing spoils the so called culture of India ? Then all these peoples are making India still a male dominated country.

What we say glamour dress-that was our dressing tradition several years back, what you say as boozing was there in India all over these years,what you say pubs was there in all the Kingdoms of India in the name of “anthapuram/kelikai koodam”.,etc., All the above given things were part of our culture. At some stage it was hidden and portrayed as spoilers because peopels started misused it. ok things apart…this is such a big topic to discuss.

Is this a beginning ...?

Is this a beginning ...?

Still I respect all these groups like Ram sena,shiv sena,VHP etc., for their unconditional love and care on India and its culture. But before that I wish to say that ..please take a look at you family and friends ..still there are lots of spoilers around you. Check the internet connection in your house and see how many porn sites were visited…check the mobile phones of your kids and friends and see the unlimited conversations with the so called boyfriends/girl friends, follow your kids on the weekends and check with whom they were roaming and what they are doing, and before that look back at your school days and college days ….! .First deal with these issues and then come to public’s.  And if everything was OK..then come to the public….!“Whoever is sinless, let him throw stones to the whore”.This was said in a religion’s holy book.

And this is not the right way to protect the so called spoiling culture …and this won’t give you any solution. Still there are lot more issues to deal with…lets think on that.  Let people choose the culture and the way of living. Life is for every one ….and it is not divided for men and women separately. They have equal rights to live.

Moral policing may deal with the public newsense but not with the public’s sense. No one has rights to restrict individuals rights in the name of culture and religion. Please no Talibanisation in India…! Lets people select thier life style….! And afterall all these things are part of globalaization and you cannot control few things.