Ithu Chennai Da !!!

#chennaifloods #chennairains #chennairescue #chennaimicro #verified #ChennaiRainsHelp #medicalcamp #areanames etc., etc., These are the rescue and relief tags used by most of the volunteers and good hearts towards Chennai. People stood up and getting back Chennai as normalcy.

Crores of Donors

Lakhs of Volunteers

Thousands of Camps

Tonnes of Relief materials

Hundreds of huge containers

Thousands of vehicles, vans, lorrys,  Cars

Thousands of Shelters ( Marriage halls, mosques, temples, Churchs, community halls, bungalows, houses, Complexes, Multiplex, theatres )

These made Chennai what it is now. This is new to Chennai to face such a natural disaster. Chennai had no experience to handle this situation. Chennai would have never imagined getting these much support in a short notice. But everything happened. Very proud to be in the generation and humanity. No words to express thanks to Indian and NRI donors and the love they shared.

Life is so much beautiful with these good hearted people around as.Thanks for everything. We will be back in form in few weeks.

Let’s roar … ITHU CHENNAI DA !!!

ps: illustration of Chennai done by


Wish a quick bailout …!

Bailout — “a rescue from financial distress” — was declared the winner of Merriam-Webster’s word of the year competition after it was judged to be the most looked-up word on the dictionary’s website.

Got to read this in Times of India website. If this contest would have been conducted in India , the most looked-up word would be “Layoff” or “Pink slip“. These two words have swept of many  “IT ” profesionals sleep (including their family members). May be a qucik bailout in US will bring more smiles in India’s IT industry. Wish every thing will settle down soon..!