Infusion !!!

In a relationship, it’s not about love, it’s not about gender, its all about who earns more between them. It defines the superiority in a relationship.So-called male domination is the one which makes a women compromise her dream with no choice. Mostly the male domination thoughts have been infused in men by women. All mothers, sisters & wives want their son, brother & husband to be the one who is responsible for their secured life and he has to earn more to prove that he is a Man. It’s all about earning respect in the so-called society. Even now, most of the modern age wives/girls want her husband/man to earn more than her, just to avoid the social stigma. This has to be changed. It will take a lot of efforts to see a change and surely it might take few generations.


According to me, every mom, sister, and wife has a responsibility to not to infuse the hidden male domination thoughts to their son, brother, and husband. Instead, it is the responsibility of every dad, brother, and husband to infuse thoughts on her daughter, sister, and wife to think, dream and live free and independent. Though we can see a lot of changes in the young generation couples and parents, but still a long way to go.

Men not going to work is a social stigma and women going to work takes great responsibility and superior. This is the perception in most people’s mind. Why has this to be like this? In a relationship, it’s all about their decision to lead their life as they wanted to.

Work for survival, live to build a home and love & care for each other. Complement each other. Never take advantage of any decision. Domination starts when someone takes advantage of the situation. Women are not meant to be controlled or to be a sacrificing machine. In the same time, men are not meant to be superior ( physically/mentally ) and to be an earning machine.

Life will be so much beautiful when no domination thoughts are infused into the deeper minds.

Happy Women’s Day…!

It’s March 8, Women’s Day. Happy women’s day for all the women in this universe. No matter what it is ..I always believe that WOMEN = World fOMEN &  SHE = Source of Human Existence.

I always felt that the women’s around me (females I have known) were not living their life as they wish. One way or another way they are restricted. Sometimes it was self restriction, sometimes in the name of culture, sometime in the name of emotions, most times in the name of love, some times in the name of responsibility, some times in the name of motherliness, sometimes in the name of physic. Knowingly or unknowingly the male domination was gone deeply into every minds. Sure it will take decades to change this situation.

I’m happy tat , in the recent times I have met very few women who live their life (better than other females I have met) fully. Very happy to see her and be a friend of her. I call her as “Mannie”…my new friend known for past 10 months. I can say she is a happy WOMEN . Special wishes to dear Mannie.  Learnt a lot from her…! Wish I could see more females in my life as a happy WOMEN.