Rahman Rocks….!

Yesterday we(25 of us) have been to the live concert(Jai Ho) of A.R.Rahman at Marg Swarnabhoomi at ECR , chennai.  We had a great time over there. The Music started at around 7.30 pm and went on till 11.00 pm. Around 3 hours of music, shouting, dancing….really we had a gr8 time. The program started with one of my most favorite song…”Jaage hain  (ore kana)” from Guru movie and ended with the song “JAI HO & Vande mataram”.

The stage decoration and arrangements were wonderful. Especially the visual effects for each song was awesome. The dance performances were also good. I almost lost my breath with my favorite sivamani’s solo performance. And we cannot say this is a well organized event. We felt that little bit care should have been taken. The program started 1.30 hrs late.  And when coming to the songs played..most of the songs were hindi songs. The whole crowd was little bit disappointed on this. Anyways…we loved the show and music.

In someway music is related to GOD..and so Rahman is.."GOD of Music"

In someway music is related to GOD..and so Rahman is.."GOD of Music"

Around 100 km from chennai , around 300 buses , thousands of cars, thousands of bikes, around 50000 ppl towards one man and thats Rahman. I can proudly say he is “GOD of MUSIC”. Rahman rocks…..and thanks for giving us wonderful evening and for adding few more unforgettable moments of my life.

run for a good cause …!

August 31st 2008, Sunday morning at 6.30 am , Chennai will start running for a good cause. It’s about the Chennai Marathon 2008, the India’s biggest and south India’s richest run is organized by Tamil Maiyam and Good Will in aid of “Give Life – A charity Organization“.

Give Life is a publicly owned and publicly audited charity. Holistic education and development of the underprivileged children is the core focus of the organization.

Just got to see this quote on running,

Best quotes on running

Best quotes on running

Its really true, running is a special experience for the thirsty minds. Just remember the movie “Forrest Gump” of Thom hanks.Thanks for Athletic Federation of India for approving this mega event and great thanks for all the supporters, celebrities and sponsors. My hearty wishes for the success of the grand event – Chennai Marathon 2008.

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Melody of Joy …!

Yesterday every minute was a Melody of Joy for me and hundreds of children gathered at the event held in Loyola college.  It was the charity event named “Melody Of Joy” organized by YHM (Social Welfare Org.) and ‘V-trust’ . And few more groups like Outreachers, Innovators,Loyola college also joined hands with them to conduct this event. Cultural events from various college students Chennai and from the children’s of different homes ( homes for destitute , home for special children and some special institutions) were displayed on the stage. Really it was a great joy being there. Each and every minute was filled with joy , happiness , wishes , encouragements and emotions.

YHM (young Helping Minds) was one of the main organizer this event. They have selected 9 different organizations and conducted some offstage events like drawing competiton , essay writing and Oratorical and selected three from each event and from each organization. And events like dance, singing , mime show , skid ,etc., were conducted onstage. For all these events the prizes were distributed in the stage. The event was well organized. I just wondered at the volunteers for YHM and V-Trust. Volunteers are the main reason for making this a grand success. Because running a event with the college students as audience was the not the easiest job. They did it and the event completed without any hiccups.

My special wishes to “Kalam Nagappan” (founder of YHM) for his great commitment and interest in building a better society. Nagappan is a young chap, doing his third year engineering . I have never seen a guy with this much fire. He is a man of activeness and man of promises. He got admired by Dr.Kalam and prefixed his name with  Kalams name . The strength of YHM is the college students. Most of the members are students and so they have lots of volunteers. But it is as much easy and as much tought to get a volunteer job done from the young blood. Blossom always setback with lack of volunteers , bcos having software engg. as the members , its really hard to get volunteers. Hats off to YHM and its volunteers.

Special thanks to Loyola college for giving the excellent auditorium, V-trust, Outreachers, Innovators and for every one involved in organizing this event. Lashings of thanks and prayers to the kids and children of different organizations like Siragu, Saraswathy school, Nalmanam, Home of hope,Mithra etc., for participating in the events and make every one happy.

I wish perpetual success and happiness for the YHM, V-trust and other organizations. Let this melody of joy reach each and every one in this world.

Happy to see lots of youngsters working for a better society. Best wishes.