A festival beyond religions…!

Happy festival of lights and sounds. Wish the smiles and happiness of this day should continue forever.

Planned to spend my whole day with the little wonders and booked tickets for the movie “AADHAVAN”.  Wanted to watch this movie on its first day and managed to get tickets. Will come with a review soon…!

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Sky is more beautifull …!

Diwali or Deepavali

Diwali is the abstraction of Sanskrit word  “Diipavali”. Here Deep (दीप diipa) means diya (small pots lamps made of clay ) and Avali (आवलि – aavali) means a row/line i.e. a row of diya’s or array of lamps. So it is called as Diwali (दीपवलि diipavali).

Got to read this message in a SMS diipavai wish. Then my favorite Sanskrit to English dictionary site to get the proper meanings. I hope most ones are unaware of this real meaning and formations of word Diwali (diipavali).

Few months back me and my sister were searching a name for the LD remedial center. At that time I was stick with the Sanskrit name and searched with the internet. Got to see this Sanskrit Dictionary site . Really it helped me a lot. Then we selected few names and confirmed with “Dishaa” with a meaning of path/direction. I wondered at the Sanskrit words and pronunciation. I heard about it lot but for the first time I came to know about more words and language. A powerful and useful language to learn.

Apart from this , this diipavali was a good one for me. Thanks to the kids for giving me the enduring happiness. Chennai was totally sourrounded with smokes of crackers, I could not able to drive my bike. And thanks to the Rain for not visiting us on that day. Enjoyed the night by sitting in the terrace (4th floor) and watching the night fireworks. Sky is more beautifull with all the decorative fireworks. May be we can call it as Sky night.

census may go wrong but not completely …!

According a census on year 2001, 4.19 lakh child laborers were identified as against 1.26 crore throughout  India. T.M. Anbarasu , Labor Minister of Tamilnadu has told this in a function held on World Child Labors day last month.He also told that State Government had allocated Rs.50 lakh for eradicating child labor in the current financial year(2008). And now the child labor strength is considerably reducing. Now we can able to see some awareness among peoples.

Sivakasi located in Dharmapuri district,TamilNadu was well known for child labour. Few years back almost all the children from the nearby villages were working in the fireworks and matchbox factories.After some serios actions from the government and some initiatives from NGO’s helped the childrens to go back to school and now the strength of child labours was almost reduced and few friends of mine from that souuroundings says that nowadays no children are working in the fireworks factories. May be in the holidays they are working.  And in chennai also we can see a little improvemnt in the removal of child labours and lot of NGO’s are working on this now.

But still a long way to go. Lets hope for the best. It’s my long time dream to see a child labor less universe. It’s not only the responsibility of government…it is the responsibility of every individual. Lets make it. 🙂