AUGUST – has lots of things to deal with…!

AUGUST…here it is. As I always say….August is my favorite month for several reasons. August has my Big day, few close friends big day, friendship day, raksha bandhan, Crazy Pencilz Studio day etc. Every year…August had lot of stuffs , lot of happenings , lot of twists n turns. Usually perception varies time to time…but for me the perception on AUGUST is the same all these years.

All set to go, especially this year 2011’s August gonna be a big and challenging one. Planned for few new introductions, a long time dream gonna be completely live this month ( ), and few things related to CrazyPencilz. Done with all the action plans…and if things go right…really this years August will be memorable forever. Lets see how things gonna be….!

LIFE is Sooooo much BEAUTIFUL with this AUGUST month every year.

The day that is always special…!

Aug 20th 2010, yet another BIG day..sorry One of my Biggest day ever. There are two main reasons for this, My b’day & another reason you can see it in next post. The day (12.00 am)started with a Choco ruffle cake along with realtime B’day music (from a professional keyboard, and a well trained guy) and continued with a music from Tamil movie (Vaarayoo from Ayan). Its a surprise one and it happened bcos of BalaG (thanks buddy).

Continued with another cake (black forest ma fav., one) from ma roommates and few other friends. The next day was little bit occupied with phone calls from friends , a important moment in morning and a little tr8 from my side in the evening.Guys around me made my day wonderful as usual (mannie, maddy, kamlaseh, ashok added more flavors to my day). Finally the day ended with lots of positive notes and I felt lil bit odd because of some responsibilities. But totally it was a wonderful day bcos of my friends. Thanks for every one.

Years were there I usually count on my b’day wishes..more wishes gave more happiness to me. I know its a  bad habit of counting the number of wishes and I know its silly too. Thanks for some of the lessons I learnt in the past, For the past few years I was not into counting, but still I’m more happy then the previous. Everyone has their own priority list and I should not expect every time I should be in the list of everyone. so no hard feelings for the missed wishes. May be I felt like missing  few friends presence or wishes (really missed my doll’s presence and few others wishes) but its not hurting. I can understand, its all about accepting things.

But as usual , still I feel younger as years pass by. All my friends make me feel younger and thanks to ma loving friends. I wish myself a happy year and to make my dreams into reality. I promise to make more smiles in the deserving lives, to protect the Mother Earth in my possible ways, to make my parents happy, to make a big and lucrative move in my professional and social life.

This years friendship day is meaning full…!

Lots of new hearts, lots of new people, lots of care, lots of support..2009 Aug to 2010 July has been very special to me. These are the most toughest times in these recent years. But friends around me made it easy and carry it with ease. I never wanna call it as critical days…Its simply me who  complicated everything with my risky decision and purposely travelling in it.

In the name of passion, in the name of Dreams, in the name of  interest …I know I complicated things. But still life is moving positively bcos of all my most lovable friends around me. Physically , emotionally, economically etc., from all the corners I got support. Without friends my days would have been meaning less from 2009 march.  Thanks guys n gals for everything.

Sorry for not in touch with most of you , sorry for missing most of the phone calls, sorry for not able to make more time to spend.

Really this friendship day is meaning full for me….happily wish all my friends “Happy friendship Day”. I promise I will die to succeed in whatever I was involved all these days  and make everyone proud. I will roar with the success notes very soon…!

Really this years friendship day is meaning full….Happy Friendship day.

Just set it free…!

Recently read a article about OBSESSIVE Lovers. It was interesting and a must read thing to all,

Many of us at some point or the other have had to deal with the attentions of obsessive lovers or over-possessive, needy friends.Experience tells us that this trait, if not nipped at the bud can become dark and murky.

Love is defined as a strong bond between two people. And when that is threatened (imaginatively or really), the person becomes possessive, obsessive and paranoid to save their bond. This could just as well happen between friends, parent and child, as with lovers.


People with low self image and confidence generally become obsessive in their relationships.

Early childhood experiences also play a big role in determining how one behaves in his relationships later.Over critical parents who constantly keep rejecting their child, scar them for life.

As adults, when they get into their first relationship, they find acceptance, but eventually become possessive,if that bond is threatened in anyway.

A series of failed relationships can also lead to an obsessive personality.They grow out to be insecure individuals who fear being ditched repeatedly.

There are some obsessive lovers who turn out to be sadistic. They can even go to the extent of harming the person. Such people usually suffer from psychopathic or anti-social tendencies.


  • You cannot forget the existence of that person in your life
  • You alter your schedule constantly to check where they are hanging out
  • You constantly need to check your lover’s phone history, email and text messages
  • You follow them everywhere and question them time and again about their whereabouts or who they are talking to.
  • You start fretting if your lover’s phone is engaged for sometime


  • If you realize that you are unable to control your impulses, seek professional help immediately
  • Try to disconnect yourself with the person completely by cutting all links
  • Gather support from your family and friends.Ask them to help you stay away from the person you are obsessed with
  • Tell yourself that eventually you will get someone better.
  • Call the police as early as possible
  • If the stalker is an ex, who threatens to show the world your personal pictures, letters, cards, do not feel scared. Chances are that they may be just empty threats.

The above is the edited version of an article from TOI news paper.

Just set it free...!

Just set it free...!

Honestly speaking I was a obsessive lover at one(three) point of time. Those are the bad patches of my life and of-course for the opponent also . There may be several reasons for being a obsessive lover but still its not good for a happy life either side. Its good that I have learnt quickly from the lessons (bad experiences) and not went to a worse level of obsessive.

In the past two years I can see great differences in me for not being obsessive and getting used to handle things. Thanks for all the introspection and to all the so called closed ones I missed.

Just simply …”If u love something …just set it free…!“.

Confession from my heart …!

For the past few months whenever I found time I was just listening to me. Some may tell this as introspection , but for me it’s just listening. I came to know lots of wonders and blunders about me. Here I just reveal one thing and I consider it as blunder,

I always expect a special consideration from the close friends. i.e. Whenever I get least consideration from them, I worried a lot and sometimes I was hurt to the core ( But nowadays I am the one who least bothered about that…thanks for all the lessons ). The consideration is big or small , but it should be unique and it should be for me always. Because of this thought in my inner mind, i started moving away(maintain a distance) from friends whenever I got less priority. Most times i never let them know the reason for moving away . And now I realize that , this is the biggest reason of me being a looser when it comes to close relationships.

Nowadays I am not (never wish to) expecting anything from friends , just take them for as they are and never expects any special considerations from others. Its good to be like this and now every  day throws me lots of surprises for me and I get only happiness from friends and not worries.

Thanks for my ex-colleague (the so called close friend) for confirming me the lesson I should learn and I wish my colleague should be the last person, where I expected some special considerations. Never I make this mistake with others … and I won’t.

And this post is a Small confession to my dear ones ..If I would have hurt them by moving away … !

The King maker …!

This is August, My most favorite month of every year. August is a month of happiness and celebrations for me. I born in August month and lots of my friends birthdays comes in August.

From my childhood I had a good impression and special attention on August month, it was because I my school days some one said that August is a month of King makers. Peoples with ruling capability mostly born in August. I don’t know who said that to me , from that day onwards August was special to me.

But nowadays i know that August has nothing special except my birthday and my friends birthdays . August also has Friendship day, Rakshabandan. Now I realise that August is a month of Expenses (gifts, cards etc.,) 🙂 . Anyways still I have the same impression on August – The King Maker Month .

Music without Rythm…!

Life is different without my Cinderellas on my side. Its long since I have been emotionally independent. For the past 8 years I was been surrounded by few peoples on my side on every moments and events of my life. I have and had lots of friends, few stated as friends , few stated as close friends, few stated as dear ones and very few stated as Cinderellas. The last two types of friends taught me most things in my life. I learned to express , I learned to be emotional, they ignited the creativity in me, they cleared some mind blocks in me , they gave me confidence, they encouraged me, they trusted me to the core, the shown my positive and they shown my negative, they brought the best in me.

I had no problems when they were with me. They took care of everything and obviously I became dependent to them. I am unaware of that, I would be jeopardized when I loose them. Peoples come into our life for a reason/a season/a life time. Among these years they Left ( I lost) one by one. Because they came for a reason and they got their work done for me and they left. Some left without saying , some made me to take a stand, few left by saying the reason. A lot went unquestioned, a lot went unanswered , but the result was unique i.e. I am looser all the time. Everyone had a perfect reason to leave or move away ( even I had/have reasons to leave few ) but the end result was I am the Looser …!

Among the most dear ones and Cinderellas, all the Cinderellas were girls. When dear ones left I easily took it and understood but when Cinderellas left , I was jeopardized. One thing is true , Life without girls is like a baby without smile. I never come to say that Girls are Life, but they make us to feel the life. Anyway a baby without smile is also a baby , but still smiling baby shows us the happiness. Simple starting and ending points are same in the life’s journey. Thanks for giving me the Lessons for Life time. Thanks for all my dear ones and Cinderellas.

Its really different to be independent and now I started enjoying my independency. But it took a long time to come to this state. Since I am a kind of person who loves and enjoys to be in the both sides of every thing, simply I started enjoying my loneliness and independency. Sugar is good when it has more sweet in it, but for sugar patients sugar with less sweet (no sugar) is good for health. I consider me as a patient and I understood that sugar with less sweet is good for my health. 🙂 Hope I have tasted more amount of sugar.

According to me “Learning and Leading is Life“. I am really tired being in the looser end. I am nowhere here to blame others, and thanks for being my teachers and preachers of life. I learned good enough on my emotional side and hope I can lead the rest with the lessons learned. Still a long way to go ….bon voyage !

ps:- For my friends this post would have given a different perception on me and my character. But still lots of different perceptions are there to come …!