Diya’s brings happiness …!

Tomorrow (Dec 11th) is celebrated as the festival of Diyas. Yet another festival of light celebrated grandly in south part of India and especially in Tamilnadu. Here in Tamilnadu it is named as “Karthigai Deepam” and in kerela it is named as ” Trikartika or Kartika Vilaku”. In Tamilnadu it is observed on the full moon day of the November-December (karthigai) month.

Peoples celebrate this day by lighting more diya’s in their houses. One can see plenty of diya’s lighted everywhere. Every place will be beautiful to see with the diyas glowing. Always diya has a special attraction. With its drowsy brightness and with its steady glow , it attracts more hearts and eyes. The diya’s used on this day will be made of clay.



In my schooling days my mom will light more diya’s ,me and my brother have to protect the diya’s from switching off due to air blowing. We will keep some card boards or bricks in roof structure to protect it. But these years we came out of native place and staying with friends, we do not get initiated to light the diya’s. But few years back my sister initiated me to light few days. So i buy few diya’s and light it. Every year on this day, I take my bike and go for a round in the streets around our house. Really it was a pleasant experience to watch the houses, windows,walls,gates etc., with lots of diya’s glowing.

This year I have bought more diyas (around 30) and planned to light it. Hope tomm. evening I will be busy with lighting the diya’s in and around my house. And as usual I will go for a round to look at the other diya’s lighted. I do not have interest in the religious belief about this festival. I just do it because it gives happiness. Diya’s make me cool with its steady blow. Sure diyas will make some impact on every one. Just try this ,have a look at it and feel the difference.

Happy Light festival with more happiness and more diya’s in everyones home.

me and moon – 180 Kms

Last weekend I have been to my native and I traveled in my bike (RX 100). It was almost around 180 Kms from Chennai. My bike’s engine got ceased few months back , since then it was in worst condition , pick up was reduced etc., So I planned to leave it for a complete service and to make some alterations ( making more sporty). I have few well known mechanics in Pondy, so I took it to Pondy. Now the bike is in service station.

While returning to Chennai I took my brother’s bike (TVS Vector) and it was the best journey/ride/driving I have experienced. It’s not due to the bike but due to the flat bed road (ECR – East cost Road),hugging breeze, the drizzling sun light and dazzling full moon light. It’s really awesome. Its long time since I have traveled a long distance using bike. So I enjoyed my ride with the average speed of 70 and maximum of 90 (its the maximum for Vector). 😦

Usually in any long distance bike drive I will stop the bike at every one hour , but this time I have stopped for every 45 mins ..its bcos of the beauty of The Full Moon. the climate was really amazing on that day, I started at 5.30 pm and it started drizzling along with the drizzles of sun light. At one stage around 6.15 pm I stopped at a bridge ( next to place Marakanam) , it was a bridge which runs over a river and the will be around one KM distance. I parked my bike in the road side and sitting on the bridge wall , I started looking at the sun set. No words to express the beauty of the scene. And just opposite to that direction the moon was there with a dull transparent white color. It’s really a wonder to see both sun and moon at the same time.

The suns light and moons light are indirectly proportional. Said a bye to sun I started , the moons brightness keeps on increasing and I was chasing a Air Bus (parveen) all along the way. All the way I was looking at the sky for the moon with a big circle around it. I know It is bit dangerous on concentrating the speed and the moon and the road at the same time. But I managed , and I could not control myself of watching the moon. My last stop was a place near Chennai (50 Kms) , usually I watch the place while traveling in bus , its a park on the road side with lawn and lots of wooden chairs and tables and a Ice cream shop. It gives the best view of sea shore ( sea water is just 600 to 700 meters away). I got a Mango stick in the shop and sat on the wooden chair and started watching the moon and its shine in the beach water and the fresh breeze. Really I enjoyed each and every moment.

I wish to spend some more time there but I was about to attend my friends engagement function at Vijay park hotel. So I started and then caught in city traffic and I reached near the hotel at 9.30 pm and could not able to attend the function .

For me travelling and living is good when it happens along with the moon. I don’t know why I am becoming such a big moon lover , anyways it good. And I miss my bike (black chetah) a lot .

She is my Love ….!

She is the one I love the most. She is the one I wanted to be with always. She is the one I ever wondered at. She is the one I will be dying to see her fully.She is the one with me when I am blue. She is the one brings me a little smile in face and mind when I was in angry or mood out. She is the one who never disappoints me except for few times. She is the one who travels with me to all the places. She is the one who never fights with me , never scolds me, never irritates me. She is the one I never felt like missing. she is the one with whom I have no possessiveness. She is the Love of my Life.

I am pleased to introduce her to you all, she is Moon. She is the masterpiece in natures creativity. She has several names. She is always compared with softness/kindness and love. She is the one , celebrated by all. Here are the few of her other names,

Old Moon,Flower Moon,Lenten Moon,Egg Moon,Milk Moon,Flower Moon,Hay Moon,Grain Moon,Fruit Moon,Harvest Moonm,Hunter’s Moon,Oak Moon “. This English names were given based on months. Starting from January to December.

I always compared Moon to women/love. when every one compares night times with loneliness a, I never felt loneliness when there is a moon in the sky. At times I will be simply sitting in the terrace or window side and simply watch the Moon for hours n hours. I never felt bored with her. She sulks with me and smiles with me and cries with me.

Whenever I travel in nighttimes I die to sit in the window seat. so that I can see moon all over the night. Love to have a moon dinner with my loved ones. wherever may be the place, when a moon is seen that place will become beautiful. It may be mountain, It may be back waters, It may be beach, It may be a multi story building,It may be a hut, It may be a long road side, It may be a desert,It may be a river, It may be a open ground..whatever the place may be ..the moon adds beauty.

A cuddle in the moon light will increase the affection, a tussle in the moonlight will reduce the intensity. For me moon has more power than sun and moon is superior than Mr. Sun . I just Love MOON for its simplicity and for being with me.