Again its August…!

As I always say August Month is always close to my heart…now one more crown has been added to it. My Wedding Day is the new one added to August specials. This years August is so special till now because, my darling wife took all the responsibilities of making it too special. Starting from 1st wedding anniversary day to my birthday she made it wonderful with small small surprises.

I usually love to give surprises to others and very rarely  get surprised. This young lady darling with me, took all the pride in surprising me often.

And she started writing a new blog and i’m happy to see her writing online. She is a great artist, great lover of colors, great lover of kids, great lover of tiny things in this world…with all these things the blog will be interesting and eagerly waiting to see her write more. And about this space, i have plans to make it regular at-least this time I should make it. Lot of happenings, lot of perceptions, lot of learning, lot of mistakes, lot of listening, lot of movies, lots and lots to write and share.

Colors of Surprise

Colors of Surprise

“Life is so much beautiful with my darling wife and with all these little surprises.”

Seven pounds = 3.18 kilograms = 6 lifetime gifts

ps (pre script):- this post’s title has a relation to the movie. And this post has no spoilers.

Seven Pounds : Again a highly demonstrated emotional movie from Will Smith. A movie from the director of  “Pursuit of Happiness“. The movie deals with Ben Thomas (smith) wants to give a life time gift to seven strangers who really deserves it. He does all this things as atonement for the death of seven people in a car accident that he caused.The movie ends with a painful climax.

Seven Pounds - She gets the best of it..!

Seven Pounds - She gets the best of it..!

The feelings of a man who lost his most lovable things , has been beautifully portrayed. Will smith again rocks with his stupendous acting skills. He makes us feel his pain in all the scenes. Rosario Dawson(feel good beauty) plays the female lead and as one of the strangers in this movie. Wonderful performance by her. Till before the last ten minutes ..every one will be bit confused about smith’s activities all over the movie. The secrecy was maintained in a good way. The background score was really touching and penetrates into hearts. Hats off to Gabriele Muccino (director of this movie)…its really a directors movie.

I haven’t revealed the secrets(strengths) of this it and feel it. Hope this movie will not be a commercial hit , since this has no commercial stuffs. But a wonderful movie for will smith fans and peoples who like watch emotional stuffs etc.,. Happy watching will smith …! Hope his next movie would be prequel of “I am Legend ” …The Fall of Manhattan and DC. Really it would be interesting to see..!

Life = pack of Surprises…!

Jan 25th 2009 – My sisters engagement , one of the best day in my life. The function date got confirmed only two day before 25th. I told her I will not be available on that day. Suddenly some plans got changed and decided to surprise to my sister. Me and two of my friends decided to attend the function and we planned accordingly and started on 24th afternoon ,reached there at 10.00 pm. Everyone was shocked to see us there and every one was surprised and happy.

Late night discussions on planning the travel,booking the tickets late night,fighting to get seating in the unreserved journey in train,day time travel for 7 hours,watching others shocked and surprised,explaining the story,making sister feel happy etc., all these made the two days very beautiful and very interesting.

shocked & Surprised

shocked & Surprised

Surprising others and getting surprised by others , I feel these two things makes the life beautiful and happy. Life is always beautiful with the surprises comes and goes around in our way.Surprise will not be counted by sizes but counted by the moments. A little wish from a unexpected one will make a great impact when compared to a Diamond Jewelery when it is expected.

I’m sure lots n lots of little things makes very big impact. Surprises has the Key to open up the expressions from the inner heart. Love and affection is more beautiful and meaningful only when it is expressed. I always love to give surprise to others. In one way or other way that created more impact on peoples and more close friends to me. I am more into giving surprises when compared to getting surprises.

Afterall  life is a bundle of unexpected things (surprises). Why wait for one ..just try once …and feel the difference.

p.s.:- for logical thinkers (IQ > EQ) – By giving more surprises our creativity will go boundless and by getting surprises we just learn to express ourselves.