God’s Little Girl…!

She has a little dream of her own. Her life is strife with conflicts but it doesn’t take much to put a smile on her face. She is your mother, your sister and your daughter. She is Kannama. She waits in the shadows, waiting to be rescued. Support the girl child.

Support the Kannama project. – words cited in the website “http://www.nalandaway.org/kannama/”.

ICare is a initiative by Isoft (S/w company) along with Nalandaway (NGO) to support deserved girl children who really needs some care and attention. They organize some contest to express about this initiative etc., Got to see a video from a employee of Isoft called Tathheer Fathima…I’m really impressed with the simple and powerful words of her….! Here it is visual and written….!

Title  : God’s little Girl…
Its a dialog between the little girl and God

” why did you make me a girl dear god..?
is it so i can suffer this pain  , feel unwanted and unwelcomed all my life
my only solace in tears that rain…!

why did you make me a girl dear god..?
is it bcos u love me less…!
i try so hard to please the world but they crush my mind to mess..!

why did you make me a girl dear god..
is it so i can be a slave…
no books no toys all work no play a bit of love is what i crave…!

And god would say in a troubled  voice…

MY child it is not my wish…
u are my most precious creation.. alas man is so selfish…!

i made u a girl…so u would give joy with your lovely smiling charm..
i made u a girl…so u would bring peace and stop the fighting arms
i made u a girl...so u would be strong and take care of your own
i made u a girl…so full of love with music in your tone…

a sister ..mother ..wife and friend …I wanted u to be..

without u they cannot live…soon man kind will see….!”

True words and well written. Especially the last wight lines…! Anyways its happy to see lots of awareness in the current generation ppl. Hats off to Nalandaway …!

Food of Gods…!

Do you really want to know about the food of God’s? I want you to take this exotic journey by clicking this link Food of Gods. It’s all about the India’s first fine dark chocolate from cadbury’s Bournville.

Tasting a Bournville dark chocolate would be really a sweet experience for the chocolate lovers and make the other peoples to love chocolates. There are four flavors (Rich Cocoa,Raisin&Nut,Almond,Hazel Nut). All the flavors are great and you will go for another once you have tasted one.I tasted three of the flavors and I looooove the dark chocolates.

Food of Gods

Food of Gods

And coming to the journey of chocolates in Bournville website , really it was a good experience to know about the making of dark chocolates.The creativity was at its peak.And check the page called “how to savour” in the website. They have explained how to eat the chocolates. Reading that will urge you to get one and taste it. The good part is some research says that dark chocolates are good to health (heart). So happy journey of chocolates…!

Bournville – you have not just bought it..you Earn it. Taste and enjoy the “Food of Gods“.