My best and worst of 2009 (7 of 30)

Spoken through sand…Sand Language.  It was May 09, me along with my friends from Image created two sand sculptures for creating awareness on voting. It was my first experience to work on sand sculptures, not only for me for everyone it was the first experience.

5 hours of continuous work , hot sun, cool breeze, fun talks, sand baths etc., we made it successfully. The final out was more than we expected. Everyone was happy with that. I was very much surprised and amazed to see the response from the public. Hope we changed at least few hearts to vote in the elections. It was  a great team work and I thank Image and Balaji for giving that wonderful opportunity. Sand language was really Stupendous.


My best and worst of 2009 (5 0f 30)

Got  into a new IMAGE. Yeah its April 1’st week I joined the Image Infotainment Ltd., for learning Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3. All new experiences , new persons, new environment and new avatar as STUDENT. I was HAPPY to be student again.

Into the Happy MASK

Being with young people always makes us young. Almost everyone around me were younger than me, including the staff members. I can say many of students as kids (16 to 19 years).Image Infotainment took the pride of giving me the most beautiful days in my life. I enjoyed every day and every classes. I got a nice team there. Whole new bunch of close friends.

Happy started my career with IMAGE and worked hard to learn things quickly. Life is really Beautiful with this  new IMAGE.