No Luck this August…!

Usually for me August of every year will be a big one and interesting too. I always had loads of things to share with. But this year’s (2011) August really sucks. Except for very few things , everything missed out of my plans. Planned for few new things to be introduced related to my studio, planned for some bigger things on the NGO part too. Nothing worked….! 😦  I really hate this part of myself for not able to keep my words.

Seemed like I planed right….but failed somewhere to execute it. Not able to find where things went wrong. Seems like I work every hour of the day…but the end result is not productive. Hitting my head hardly…to make things on the line. Might be I need some silence and concentration. Seriously  have to rework on my time management skills/system. My friends used to say me tat, I’m very good in managing ppl. But recent happenings proves tat my ppl management skills are also not upto the level.  It’s like I am loosing my way…..have to be in track asap.

This time don’t need anyone to behold me . It’s time to learn and come up by myself. Still have lot of belief in me tat…I will make the things straight. Lets wait n fast this things will get settled. LET’s SEE….!