India Vision 2020 – Meeting with Dr.Kalam

This was the meeting I was speaking in the post(click to see the old post) few days back . Few chennai based NGO members met Dr. kalam for a normal discussion on the current activities.

YHM and other NGO members meeting with Dr.Kalam

YHM and other NGO members meeting with Dr.Kalam

The person standing in the right side corner is Kalam Nagappan, founder of YHM , the gal sitting in the center is Uma , founder of SIRAGU Montessori school and Suyam Trust, person sitting in the right side corner is Mr.Srinivasan of India Vision 2020. Hope this meeting would have brought a tremendous change in every one there. Good luck and keep goin.

And good news is Dr.Kalam wanted to add more NGO’s with India Vision 2020 and seems that he asked Mr.Srinivasan of India Vision 2020 to add more NGO’s for working together. And hence Blossom has also got a invitation to join with them. And its our pleasure to join them. 🙂

just wonder at Dr.Kalam’s commitment

Yesterday (24th July ) few NGO’s had a meeting with Dr. Abdul Kalam. The meeting was about a interactive session and all the NGO’s planned to discuss about their current and future activites and to discuss about his ideas on that. Few of my known contacts from a NGO also attented the Meeting. Can any one guess the appointment time given my Dr.Kalam ???

It’s 11.00 pm and my friend messaged me after the meeting was over. The time was around 2.00 am. I just really wonder at his commitment. They also say that , his regular schedule is upto 1.00 am every day. What may be the thing makes him to work for several hours at this age?  This shows that he still dreams and he is also working on that.Hope by today evening I will be getting some info about the meeting and the things held over there.

Some of the NGO’s attended the meeting are , Young Helping Minds (YHM), SIRAGU Montessori School (Suyam Trust), India Vision 2020, India Sudar, another from Cognizant(CTS) company  etc.,  Here the most of the NGO’s are working towards Dr.Kalams vision (2020).

Though I am not the one , to completely praise Dr.Kalam for all his activites. I too have some controversial perceptions on few of his activiteis. But most times I wonder at his commitment and Interest in improving India. Hats off to Dr. Kalam.